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  1. Selling front pair of gold STi brembo callipers. brake pads just change at the start of the year. rotor condition is around 60%. Items taken out from car and priced to sell at $1000 for both items. Interested parties please sms/call 90227727 as i hardly logged on to the forum.
  2. Hi all, may i know where to buy brembo front brake pads in Singapore? I dun need installation so maybe some stockist shops would be good. And any brands to intro? I am not into hard driving or go track type. Just normal temperature pads will do. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi all, may i know whats the rough price to change the timing belt for a 2008 2.0 rs? Thanks a lot. Regards Kelvin
  4. Hi all, can a 2008 STi (HB) suspension fit a 2008 2.0 RS (HB) without any modification?? Thanks in advance..
  5. Hi all, my 08 RS fuel consumption is about 8.5km/l..is it bad?? My old TS can go up to 11.8km/l and i am a light footed driver. May i know other bros ride FC??? Thanks a lot! And at high speed (120km) there is a "weng weng" sound but i duno where its coming from. Any advice??
  6. So i presume its front rotors that warped?? And FSP bro, may i know where to get the rotors at $80++?? Cab PM me?? Thanks a lot
  7. Thanks guys, may i know is those wrx rotors fit into my ride?? ie those cockeye wrx rotors??? thanks a lot
  8. Hi guys, i been driving a TS for 9 and a half years and just recently changed to a Impreza RS HB. I encountered that while applying brake (lightly) at 100km and above, the steering wheel trembles quite a bit..i done my balancing and change a new set of rims but the problem persists. But applying brakes at 90km and below the steering is ok. My TS does not seems to have this problem. May i know what may be the problem?? Thanks in advance. Happy New Year!!
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