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  1. All items found. Thread can be closed. Thanks!
  2. Looking for hawkeye wrx front drivehafts too
  3. Hi all, I'm looking for MY06 GDA WRX/WRX WTI 2.5 bushings. I 'm having a strange vibration whenever i floor the gas pedal. Upon jacking up the car i might need things such as rear subframe, rear differential and exhaust bushings. I can be contacted at 98209985, if anyone have these items for sale.
  4. upz. Still looking for power steering pump.
  5. Up-pipe & downpipe no longer needed. Left power steering pump
  6. Hi all, i'm looking for the following items. 1. Hawkeye wrx/wrx sti decatted up-pipe & downpipe. 2. Power steering pump. Pls quote reasonable prices thanks i can be contacted at 98209985
  7. Hi all, i'm looking for the following items. 1. Power steering pump, used or scrapped car also can but must be in working condition. 2. Boot lip for GD series impreza. Carbon one preferred. i can be contacted at 98209985.
  8. Hi all, i am Looking for either a S203 style carbon GT wing or a STIS lip spoiler. Original or carbon type also can. I can be contacted at 98209985 ben.
  9. Updated as of 17/4/2016
  10. Thread updated
  11. All found & settled. Steering pump i found & installed in JB le bro
  12. Bro do u have power steering pump?
  13. Aircon fully settled. Still looking for good condition steering pump.
  14. Greetings everyone, I'm looking for a set of hawkeye wrx air-con magnatic coil set and power steering pump. Must be in good working condition. I can be contacted at 98209985 Thanks
  15. Thread updated