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  1. I'm looking for EJ257 Hawkeye STI engine, long block or short block both can or any stroker engine to 2.6 short block. kindly pm me if have.
  2. hi, i , interest of item number 5 and 15. Are this two items still available ?
  3. hi bro, can you email me the pictures of the engine ? I m kind of interest !

    Thank you. 

    my email is 2010lovepets@gmail.com

  4. Carbing aluminium under tray how much? cusco Arb is frot or rear and price? ATS carbon twin plate clutch is for 5 speed or 6 speed? Pull type or push type?
  5. Hi bro, your tomei extractor still available?

  6. Which item still available ? PM me 

  7. Hi bro, may I know your parts still available?
  8. Hi bro, can PM me your apexi n1 and Fuji exhaust more detail?

  9. Hi would like to ask HKS Evc 5 still available and gates timing belts kits?
  10. Hi bro, may I know this item still available ?