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  1. Anyone finds this Delta Speed spoiler nice? 500+ from Japanparts not incl shipping..
  2. Ken does a great job at tuning and rightly so charges a premium for it. If you're getting tuned by him, would suggest you setup your hardware at Edge so it's easier for him to troubleshoot. Other than that, for general maintenance and repairs, there are many other similarly competent workshops.
  3. Hi, I just collected my forester XT. Would like to join the FB group. Please add me [email protected] Thanks!
  4. Did mine without opening door panel too. So far so good, no issues.
  5. Another alternative will be AA inspection, which is supposed to be more stringent than STA..
  6. Best case scenario: Insurance company replace your fmic with stock tmic cos you didnt declare it in your application Worst case scenario: Insurance company refuses ALL claims and not pay a single cent cos you didn't declare your modifications
  7. Borrow a stock muffler, go for inspection and then swap back to your fuji. Inspection aside, if you get pulled over by LTA and you have no cert, you're basically screwed. They won't buy the previous-owner-didnt-give-me-cert story...
  8. Wow! Can almost get a Odessy battery at this price
  9. Does your workshop quote include install, tuning and warranty? If yes, I would go with workshop for peace of mind and convenience. Might be a good idea to upgrade your fuel pump too if you havent yet.
  10. Bro I had the same problem. Are your coils brand new or used? If used, could be faulty coils. I went through 3 sets of used coils before the problem went away.
  11. Just curious, isn't an external wastegate supposed to control your boost more accurately? It really shouldn't be causing any spikes...
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