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  1. Never did try going up Genting or Cameron... Nice... I did drive up north last week. I find that the car steering needs a little work at high speeds. It tends to sort of "swerve" a bit, like the wind is pushing it or so. How to improve this handling issue?
  2. I think its the GPS setting. Its the alert for speed. 3 settings I believe, every 3 secs , 10 secs and none. I had to set it everytime I start. Its does not seem to stay at the same setting. You go beyond the speed limit, the beep will come on. This together with the beep on my dash cam to indicate change of lane or near a front vehicle are driving me crazy. But its for safety I guess.
  3. I did change the radiator earlier; like a few weeks ealier. Just got my new ride a week ago...
  4. Taken out from my old ride. Decided not to install on my new forester so its for sale. $400.
  5. I intend to install a BOV on my new Forester XT. Will MI void the warranty?
  6. Yup, a few times when I changed the whole coolant.
  7. Same thing happened to my old Exiga. Temp went up as high as 105deg C. First, the radiator broke/cracked. Then the hose came off unexplicably. Seems that the thermostat was not doing its job. The water pump was also kicking in at a higher temp. Did a full timing belt change and niw the temp has not gone past 93.
  8. Getting my XT on 18 Aug. Can mod add me on fb group please [email protected] Thanks...
  9. Cannot take the stress of having to monitor the water temp everytime I drive... Even though it has never gone past 92 degrees C since I did the timing belt, I would be stressed out when it starts to go past 89! So, just decided to go to Leng Kee and test drove the Forester XT. That led me to signing the the documents to book one! My old Exiga got quite a good price, at least I do get a bit of cash from it. And the price for the new one changed 3 times(lower). Now waiting for good news...
  10. After 7 years of service my 2.0i is giving lots of problems. It started with a faulty alternator which required 2 changes. Then the aircon which had to be serviced. The radiator broke when I was on my way to SGH. Had to be towed away. Had to change. Then a week or so ago, whien I was in Malacca, the hose to the radiator inexplicably came off. The strong clip just gave way. I had no choice but to tow it back to Singapore because the temp kept going up too high. Cost me RM 1700 for the trip back. Had to do timing belt plus water pump plus the thermostat and fan belt... My mech said that I could drive it for another three years... But I am not totally convinced. My plan to keep it till it hit 10 years is in jeopardy. Been looking at the Forrester XT and Levorg.Any suggestions? With the COE going up ....
  11. OC has agreed to let me repaint my ride. Since cannot afford a new one, this is best option... Heard that Khek Joo in Tampines good. Any other recommendations?
  12. Hahaha... My son has the number and onnorders of my OC... cannot release to me due to my rather extremist quality...
  13. Its malaysian. The fella just whacked my bumper and just conveniently drove off. I am thinking of repainting the whoie car...
  14. My ride got whacked on the rear in Malaysia. Where can I get it repaired. Whats going to be the cost? Appreciate any suggestions...
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