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  1. Bl5 steering with air bag in very good condition ... selling with air bag $200 neg !!
  2. from BL5.. 1..steering with airbag (very good condition ) $150 2..Dashboard wrap with real leather ..not those wrap in synthetic leather.$400.neg 3..4 pcs gt rim BL9( very good condition ) with 215/45/17 with very very new tyres .$450 4..whole sets of interior leather seats .with electric driver seats (quite good condition ...$ neg .. 5..hks oil cooler and mocal transmission cooler ..$neg. 6..Delphi hud display 1st generation with two controller and all the wire .... 7..and many many lose item for bl5 .. Interested can get me at 92238118 .. PLEASE DO NOT REPLY FROM HERE OR PM ME AS I SELDOM LOG IN ..THANKS.
  3. You know what's the tyre size for the 18 ".thanks
  4. Legacy gt bl5 wrap leather dash board, stock steering and aftermarket both momo steering with cruise control..17 inches bl9 sport rim a set with very new 215/45/17 PCD 5/100. Kindly contact me at 92238118 for pic, cause I can't seem to upload the pic..and many more item me direct thanks
  5. 4 pcs stock 17 inches rim with fairly new tyre from legacy gt, momo original leather wrap steering wheel with full air bagand cruise control for bl5..other model ask your workshop ..Thanks Attach picture . .call 92238118 .
  6. Prodrives gc05 18/8/43 spray to matt black with Michelin tyre 235/40/18 fairly new ...will go with a prodrives GC06H (17/8/43) with tyre as spare clear brembo..5 pcs of rim at $1200 with tyres !
  7. Update Brembo sold ..
  8. Brembo gold front and rear taken out from legacy gt ...with 2 sets of rotor spray to matt black .... $1200 . Prodrives gc05 18/8/43 spray to matt black with Michelin tyre 235/40/18 fairly new ...will go with a profrives GC06H (17/8/43) with tyre as spare clear brembo $1200
  9. Looking for any condition 5/100 rim with throw away tyre ...I can pick up myself and I will pay for it ..pls contact me at 96922607 ..Thanks
  10. Gold brembo (4/2 port)out from a bl 5 , front and rear with one spare sets of rotor (front and rear)need cleaning .rotor and pad still very thick .spray to matt black .selling $1200 .neg..item out of car .96922607 to deal .
  11. UPDATE ...PRodrIVES forged GC05 (8.2kg ).18/8/OFFSETS 43 ..5/100 PCD.with very thick thread Michelin pilot sp3...tyre 235/40/ swop with at least 16 inch rim/tyre in any condition cause going to scrap yard and throw away. WhatsApp me at the number on first thread. Will thrown in spare rim/tyre .Prodrives GC06H.forged.17/8/43.with very thick thread (70%) but old tyre re050(ok for used as spare ..
  12. WTB a set 16 inches rim with any tyre 5/100 PCD ...just to put on car to tow to scrapyard ....and throw away ...if u have lying around give me a pm thanks .
  13. Item that's in the car nothing much ..list as follow Top mount aftermarket intercooler suitable for 08 hatch ....SOLD to a nice bro... Prodrives gc05 18/8/offset 43. (Spray to matt black some kerb rashes but very exceptable)with Michelin sport 3 tyre (235/40/18)with at least 60 to 70 percent thread left . Spare rim/tyre GC06H forged gun metal. .17/8/43 with re050 tyre (very new)clear brembo.will go together to buyer who buy the 18 inches rim . Legacy gt stock brake at $230..front and rear ...very good condition . BL5 dash board wrap with high quality leather with red stitching (not synthetic) Momo steering original with air bag for bl5 real leather.. Original legacy BL5 steering with air bag ..very good condition . Front and rear strut bar , front bar is with brake stopper . Turbo timer Throttle controller plug and play for bl5. Hks oil cooler with hks adapter 16 row Atf oil cooler Sti brembo front 4/2 port.(Sold) Stainless steel engine under tray . Defi Vsd display (discontinue model)with two controller .. Pivot fan speed controller...(sold) This is what i can think of for now ..if I find any other stuff will add in ..can contact me direct ..thanks Don't lowball me as I have 4.5 month to go till scrap will be at WS the next couple of month till scrap ..thanks
  14. Have a legacy gt bl5 going for scrap ( engine blow...left 4.5 month so scrapping the car .all things up.for swop or anything that you need ....Pls contact 96922607 to enquires ..