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  1. Hi,looking for 08 sti hatchback aftermarket me if any..thanks
  2. Letting go full set include calipers,rotors,brake pad,hb merchanism and 4 set of knuckles for front and rear need swap..items out of ride so cash n carry..willing to let go around $750..good for ts to upgrade braking power..
  3. letting go with rotors and brake pad,rotor left 60% and brake pad left 80% ..previously installed in legacy but good for ts for upgrade..$450(slightly nego)
  4. Full exaust system come with mid pipe and unequal extractor..plug and play for subaru ts..if other models,not sure..non lta approve..reason for selling,lazy to fix back after done lose ur gain.. Looking around $200 since i bought total around $600+..
  5. Bro,how much for changing wheel bearing?i got the same problem too..
  6. How much u letting go bro?
  7. Im finding black or grey..thanks..
  8. Hi..wtb cf bonnet or wrx stock bonnet..