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  1. Here are today's footage on SMSA car park rally held at Changi Aviation Park Road Enjoy the footage.
  2. I have a Blue AutoRex 2007 April model. Just order a new car, will be trading in to dealer. But I can pull out the deal and sell to private buyers. Pictures not a lot to provide but video is here can view to appreciate. Stock. I am 2nd owner. Mileage 105,000 km Full service record since I took over from 1st owner. Can show for proof. All fully serviced by BKS at AMK. Auto gear box overhaul about 2 years ago Timing Belt replaced during take over of ownership. 17 inch rims. Defi ( non OEM ) water, oil and boost Apexi turbo timer Original shocks and spring. Engine compartment well maintained. I do clean up my engine bay once a while. I am OCD .. LOL Seats original Alcantera blue. Similar to STI, but without STI logo. Optitron red meters original. Whatsapp or SMS 94887936 Terence
  3. Buay tahan ! Is this abusing their power ? All they do is just turn on blinking lights, and they can stop their cars anywhere anytime on the road ! I don't know what they are doing, but if it's break down, where is the break down triangle sign ? If they are helping the black car stranded on the left shoulder lane, then they ought to put their patrol car on the sides too ! I still don't know what their intention is !
  4. The final cut for our Honda Accord Euro R. Shortly after this video, this car will be sent to the scrap yard due to its 10 years of car ownership in Singapore. Enjoy ! A little story of this video I received a message from the owner who decided to meet up for a short video shooting for his 10-year-old-to-be immaculate Honda Accord Euro R today morning. Gathered my gears and head off to meet him for breakfast before proceeding to start filming. The bloody sun was so bad it took the toils out of everyone - owner, another friend of us and myself. 2 hours later, it was all sweaty and so uncomfortable that we all headed to a nice cool air conditioned restaurant for some savoury Japanese Ramen. And here it is finally for the final cut of his Euro R, which is still pretty impressive albeit its age. Engine is still as smooth and powerful. My music credit goes to SYM, who had allowed me to use his self-composed music for this video.
  5. FMIC air piping becomes longer.. Thus the lag. Unless you rotate header. Thats what i understood about FMIC.
  6. Frankly.. despite me being in this forum, I've never met anyone from here nor attended any gatherings ... I would had also asked the same question as you did.. haha ! So anyway, if there is some mini gathering, I would be glad to do some video stuffs and see how it goes. Oh ya.. how about throwing in all the red cars for the upcoming Chinese New Year ? Gong Xi Fa Cai ! Haha !
  7. Can la can la.. when can that day be ? All the monster come out, let me shoot them one by one.. haha ! Shoot Monster is fun !
  8. The problem wasn't not able to inflate. It is the over pressurized discharge that would explode the airbag upon impact. The result could be even more damaging that one that doesn't inflate.
  9. It's driving me into a uncontrolled hyperventilation like a damaged autofocus system that kept getting into the wrong bokeh when I read that some people actually went ahead to zoom in to the Malaysian website to register their particulars to the Malaysian VEP- " FEARING " that they might not be able to enter Malaysia for leisure or work. Well, that explains why there are so many ridiculously unfathomable creatures we've been living together with, that exist a shallow depth of field in understanding the concept of manipulating humans of lesser degree of making their own decision. If only there is one Sun Tzu that lived today and he had a ulterior motive to shift the mindset of the local citizens, I am pretty sure he would be able to do that in 1/3000 of a shutter speed even at a low ISO level to easily move some people over the ledge of the MBS and make them jump down without demand.
  10. Here's couple more.. But I dedicated 1 complete video for Subaru Booth... I wonder why ! HAHA ! Support our own make mah.. right ?
  11. Yes those booth really made me so confused.. I thought I've stepped into a Victoria Secret's show.. LOL
  12. Today's adventure to Suntec Singapore MotorShow 2016 Lot's of pretty girls waving at you... in the video. Please.. try to control, guys !
  13. I don't really care.. I just do what I do normally.. let them stop me if there's changes. Too much things in life to anticipate, malaysia and their funny rules is the least we want to be aware of - not our business, not within our control, not our country, not everyday, not life and death.
  14. Finally got to do a decent video for my car ! Using the Panasonic DMC-FZ1000 (4K format ) to film these shots. Running more than 5 Gb of data, 15 minutes in the sun and then several more hours processing those big data on my computer ! Heh ! Oh ya, forgot .. I had to spend 30 minutes to wash the car too. Hope you guys enjoy watching ! Hope to do some rolling car shots in future as this is more interesting than static I guess.
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