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  1. Tyres sold. Rota still available at $900. Spacers still available.
  2. Selling away Original Rota ikr bought from h tyres (receipt to prove) 17x9+42 (pcd 5x100) with 2 toyo proxes and 2goodyear eagle f1 in 215/45/17. (Both about 85% thread) take wheels and tyres for 1k. 20mm custom spacer $150 15mm spacer $100 Good setup for those going for lowered or stance look coz tyres alr stretched and wont rub fenders! Selling coz bought new rims
  3. Power lah! Easily the dopest one in sg! Faiz if like that only about 40% complete then i wonder what is 100%!!
  4. 1.5r hatch here since 2008.. No need to be fast.. Look fast can alr.. Here's my KRML 1.5r
  5. From the album KRML

  6. From the album KRML

  7. From the album KRML

  8. From the album KRML

  9. From the album KRML

  10. From the album KRML

  11. Depends on thickness bro. Less than 5mm many shops can get. Autobacs and also some accessory shop.If u want anything more than 10mm got 2 ways. Buy bolt on 5 in 5 out from uber garage, or custom at AL tyres, H tyres. For 10mm spacers and above without 5 in 5 out need to get extended bolts. From Race Tech etc.
  12. Thanks Faiz.. But mine nothing compared to ur really low monster. Thanks d3vilogy. Not very sexy lah.. Yup bro. Slow 1.5r! Slow and low. Hahaha..
  13. From the album KRML

  14. From the album KRML

  15. From the album KRML