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  1. Hi, Maybe is HKS Legamax Premium, it come with Midpipe and muffler, You can make enquiries to Garage -R at Tagore Drive .
  2. Tein streetflex still, price nego.
  3. apologize is Tein streetflex.
  4. Item available .
  5. Tein monoflex for subaru pcdx100 ■Shock absorber exclusively designed and produced for sport drivers ■Mono-tube shell case structure ■Full-length ride height adjustment system ■16-level damping force adjustment (comp./rebound together) feature For pcd x 100taken out from wrx . Gda Ready for cash and carry Whatapp 91852038 to deal subaru_tein_monoflex_1503481998_7dee3d660
  6. Wahhh keanho is back ....
  7. thanks for sharing
  8. Nice , where u brought this nvidia ? Like it
  9. Looking for subaru red caliper set of 4 , if u have lobang please whatapp me - 91852038
  10. Hi, the red subaru brake still available ?
  11. Selling parts dekit from auto wrx 1) cosmo sparkcoil 4pcs sets - $150 2) cusco rear strutbar - $100 3) Ati 3pod gauge housing Whatapp to deal 90629182
  12. Selling carbing aluminium 8point subframe .selling $150 Condition 3/5. Whatapp me 90629182
  13. Sad to hear that....from a fighter to a scrap metal soon, really heartpain....
  14. Update Front coilover sold to a nice bro. Thanks.
  15. Hi, jeromlee I checked with workshop, The leak one can but the bend pc can't ... Thanks for clarify.