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  1. Wahhh keanho is back ....
  2. thanks for sharing
  3. Nice , where u brought this nvidia ? Like it
  4. Looking for subaru red caliper set of 4 , if u have lobang please whatapp me - 91852038
  5. Hi, the red subaru brake still available ?
  6. Selling parts dekit from auto wrx 1) cosmo sparkcoil 4pcs sets - $150 2) cusco rear strutbar - $100 3) Ati 3pod gauge housing Whatapp to deal 90629182
  7. Selling carbing aluminium 8point subframe .selling $150 Condition 3/5. Whatapp me 90629182
  8. Sad to hear that....from a fighter to a scrap metal soon, really heartpain....
  9. Update Front coilover sold to a nice bro. Thanks.
  10. Hi, jeromlee I checked with workshop, The leak one can but the bend pc can't ... Thanks for clarify.
  11. Hi, Wanna sell used pair of rear super street tein coilover The pair of rear coilover still In working conditions Rear pair only $100 Front pair was damaged 1pc leak another pc not in good condititon, if you want keep as spare part, I can sell it only $50 a pair. Please whatapp me 90629182
  12. Waooo thanks for reply fr all bro ... This forum is a good place to share driving experience.... Really need to think for bright side....haha Thumb up Hi Fug bro ... The exit 252 is a plus highway exit at Malaysia ... Exit to kulai Don't know how soon will they take action to repair the road ...
  13. Haha thanks for feed back snsd555 And wyven concern Yes plan to changed new rim but not so soon . I went to tyre workshop changed a new tyre and balancing , still able to drive so will consider look for rim repair before change new rim .... For tein , I think only ST power able to overhaul it .....
  14. Hi. All subies bro and sis Take precaution on PLUS highway exit 252 lane 1 from KL toward JB direction Lane 1 there is a big hole , and road condition was dimm without lamp post. I was ran over this hole... caused me lost a lot 1) tein coilover jammed 2) 18" sti enkei rim dent 3) Conti cs3 broken on the spot 4) headlight auto level broken 5) car can't move need tow truck 6) expecting more damage... Powersteering feel stiff, brembo with sound when braking . When PLUS tow truck came and towing my ride .... Then I realize I not the 1st victim.... The previous victim drive audi and losses 2pcs of 20"Tyre ...... Wtf they know about this problem but didn't do anythings, really a bad day for me and the PLUS road was sucks