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  1. Anyone has any idea any shops in JB could do leather wrap for the seats and also the dashboard haha hoping for cheaper lobang....
  2. Hi guys, Japan BBK like Endless, Stoptech, AP are just too expensive for some people like me. There are alot of taiwan BBK around in the market. Just like to have some sensing and some experts review on the following brands. Also about their replacement rotor and brakepads. Yellow Racing 6 pot Drift Racing 4 pot Kido Racing mini 6 pot VTTR mini 6 pot Nashin N1 4 pot
  3. My understanding was both are the same expect the rotor sizes like what mentioned... and Brembo GT which I was using come stock as cross drilled.... STI Brembo rotor is normal rotor.
  4. Actually i think the tyres also matters... I was using bridgestone RE001 and S002 for 235/45 which give me a rather flush look and tyres not stretching....
  5. I was on 17x9J +35 offset ROTA IKR using 225/45 initially... but subsequently changed to 235/45 which look more fitting not so stretched... haha
  6. Hi, Can I check if there is any shop or anyone customizing defi meter holder? Something like the existing market defi meter holder than replaces the clock dash board. I would like to customize one to fit my 4 Defi meter.
  7. Sorry for late update of the Tein Superstreet servicing in Malaysia. Yes I serviced all 4 my coilover at RM700 only. Well clean and nice but my rear seem much softer.... i dunno is it i think too much haha but it felt softer... The address for the servicing shop is Jalan Tun Abdul Razak (Susur 4), Larkin 80200, Johor Bahru. It only open from 1000hrs to 1800hrs and doesnt really have a shop front, it sort of doing backend work. Anyway, It is below this garage name Sun Hup Tyre (SHT) which is quite big shop that you cant miss. I fixed up my coilover and did my alignment at SHT for RM200. Cheap ya? Good luck for those who is going to try. But be reminded... i have no idea what they use to repair your shock. haha but is a much cheaper option.
  8. I was using Tein Superstreet for my 05 WRX and it was great. However when i found out the rear coil over was leaking badly, i changed to API suspension in view of the high servicing charge from ST power ($400 per pc which mean I minimally must spend $800 just to service the 2 rear). It is more worth it to change to a new coil over than servicing my Tein SS. Subsequently, I got to know this guy (which i forget his name haha) a customer of FT Garage and he told me about this lobang in JB where he spend RM400 servicing a pair. So recently, I send in all my 4 coil over for servicing at that shop for RM 700. It kinda of cheap but yet to know the quality. It is ready for collection today but i was busy to go down and collect. Once I fixed on back I will let you guys know. haha.... hopefully it is good.
  9. Power is nothing without control...

  10. Hi experts out there, Pls enlighten me on this issue. The CEL turned on and it read out the "P0171 System Too Lean (Bank 1)" code. I was told it could be issue with the O2 sensor, AF sensor, leakage in air intake or tuning. I changed the O2 sensor and AF sensor. I did air leak test and everything leaking was rectified and my Air intake setup is fine (APS 60mm air intake). Was told injectors leaking so also change the rubber seals. Was told manifold leaking so also change the gasket. I even went for tuning. However, the CEL turn on again and read tat error code. So frustrating about this issue. Troubling me for quite sometime. Helpppp.....
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