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  1. =-_DeviL's Lair_-=

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    My Subaru Imprezza on The Loose
  2. Similar to mine as well, i asked my mechanic, it's a common issue with Hyundai tucson, SUVs and Subarus(AWD), mine surfaced when the power steering pump has dirty oil in it and it sounded like a Transformer asking for petrol whenever i steer it either to the left or right, current situation the sound is gone after the car has been heated up before driving off else the sound will still emit.....
  3. Agree!! I saw those Angel Eyes specially made for Subhies near KSL area...
  4. Cant Wait For My Easy Skin Project!! Hehehehee.... Spray Painting My Subhies A*se and Face... Wohuuuuuu!!!

  5. That "Amazing Shine" Workshop in JB really Disappoint me!! Hell Ya, one problem after another upon collection of my Darling last month!! Avoid that shop if possible...Non recommended for Subhie Enthusiast!!!

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    2. =-_DeviL's Lair_-=

      =-_DeviL's Lair_-=

      Well Jewels, my car broke down near the CIQ in JB, the timer belt snapped, no choice but to tow it to the nearest Workshop in JB which by chance near KSL shopping centre, upon towed there come this shop owner and his mechanic... Done some checking and told me that it might cost me ard RM600-RM1000 for changing the Belt itself, i said ok just proceed, after a few days, they didn't call me but i decided to drop by to visit, was told by them that most parts of the Engine are affected hence t...

    3. =-_DeviL's Lair_-=

      =-_DeviL's Lair_-=

      Easy said.... The workshop did a very BAD job in Overhauling a Subaru.... My engine oil is leaking due to some parts are not screwed proper...i just visited my mechanic in woodlands yesterday and they did the inspection for me as my Engine oil dropped in less than 2months....

    4. =-_DeviL's Lair_-=

      =-_DeviL's Lair_-=

      They re-serviced my car and $$$$ keep on flying, i already paid almost RM5000 to that workshop in doing the overhauling, i paid in full but the issue come in INSTALLMENT

  6. Hello Bro!! Welcomingz to the Club!!
  7. Hello Onyx!! I'm a newbie and learning from Gurus also...
  8. Hahahaha!!! I sent my Subhie to Northlink near Sembawang, the workshop i went called E-Rev, great service...
  9. Hahahahaah!! Hey bro, don't care whether OPC or Normal plate as long it's the SAME Brand which means we belong to the same WORLD
  10. Hey Bro!! Welcome to the Clubbingz... Mine a late 07 STI as well... What colour is yours?
  11. Hey!! Same same same!! Joined but never met anyone before!! My Car is in Recovery Mode, just Overhaul the whole engine last month... Still in running mode... Huhuhuhu!!!
  12. Hey Braderz!! I'm new tooooooo.....
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