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  1. Have the following items for 05 model WRX 2.0M: ITEM'S THAT REQUIRE SWAP Labour on buyer (your workshop or mine both fine) EXTERIOR: 1) Red Carbon doors, set of 4, for 05 model WRX should be same as hawkeye 2) Seibon Carbon Fibre Bonnet with clips on both side to lock the bonnet (dunno whats that called) 3) Carbon Fibre Boot with holes INTERNALS: 1) STI Top Mount Intercooler with Adapter and HKS SSQV BOV, S$450 2) STI 6 Speed Gearbox 3) TD05-18G Turbo (Forgot the brand but in good condition can take you for a spin if you want to test, but confirmed buyers only) 4) STI Optitron Meter 180km/h ITEM'S THAT DO NOT REQUIRE SWAP: 1) Ogura Twin Plate Clutch ( with about 50% - 60% meat left) 2) Omega Forged Piston's set of 4, 92mm bore size piston 3) TD04 Turbo All item's in good condition, all tested to make sure there are no problem's Priced to dekit, first come first serve basis. Sending car to dealer soon, if no offers or buyers will send car as it is. WhatsApp to 90281496 if you are interested Please offer, low ballers will not be entertained, people flying aeroplanes, go fly kite instead.
  2. bro 1 part coolant and 2 part water or 3 part water forget le haha : )
  3. i'm on lemme know, my number 90281496 (BOB)
  4. Hey, no matter what mods you do to your 1.6A impreza its maybe going to help with only a few horsepower unless you do really major modifications like your engine, bore, cams or turbo charging it, i really don't see the possibility of cutting down 6 seconds, but then again i could be wrong, try cleaning out your air filter and see if it runs better, a lot of times the air filter can get too dirty and cause the air flowing through to be very little making the engine not make its optimum hp. Tuning itself will maybe squeeze out a few more horse power depending on the minor modifications you do, but i've seen people only changing their air filter and obtaining a horsepower increase of 3 to 5 hp, but for major modifications you can see up to 20 or even 100 hp difference, depending on the modifications that you have done, so yup if the specifications is saying that it is suppose to do 11.6 sec's get your car checked out because there might be a choke, after that try running it again, if its still the same than..... since you have done up your exhaust might as well turbo charge it!!!!! Its really different!!!!!! : ) i'm just saying : ) but get your road holding mods done first before going this route all the best bro : )
  5. Hi guys i'm looking for an STI Intercooler, please pm me the cost and also your number and ill whatsapp/message you asap, thank you : )
  6. Looking for Apexi N1 Exhaust with Cert, must be legal non operated looking for it urgently as my fuji just lena caught by LTA..... sian.....
  7. normal : ) mine does it as well : D or is there something wrong with mine? O_O"
  8. Ahh than i think it's quite similar to what I was facing that time, I went down to the shop and requested that they top up the air con liquid and add oil,but the shop refused they told me it's the compressor clutch problem or smth like that, what I did was I changed the entire compressor because if u don't fix this problem soon they told me that if anything happens inside the compressor it will run through ur entire aircon system and by then it would be quite an expensive fix, I suggest u get it looked at quick, I got my compressor from a scrapyard for less than 200 bucks : ) cheers bro all the best Look under your bonnet, every time the loud screeching sound happens the entire compressor jams up..... Take a look at the belt part of the compressor : )
  9. that lets do a meet up after your car is done with the ICU alright? : D keep us updated!!
  10. Might be a compressor issue, any screeching noises before? like everytime the compressor switches on?
  11. aww should be around 1 week only what inside ICU haha : D
  12. Hi, guys : ) I think i've joined the forum for quite awhile already but everytime i keep missing all the events and everything haha, so i haven't actually met anyone from the forum before, but i would love to haha, anyone here interested in doing like a meet up anytime soon? just to chill and maybe drive abit? but not too much though fuel prices not getting any cheaper haha : D would anyone be interested? maybe we can plan a date and time here so that most of everyone would be able to make it : D would really love to meet some of you and discover a lot more things about how to do up my subbie : ))
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