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  1. looking for TS my04 cockeye tail lamp. pls contact 96274855 darrell.
  2. wow bro, u reali invest a lot... i'm just lookin for mayb a 2 or 4 watch winder. saw some at taka basement. still deciding.. tks a lot bro..
  3. sorry to ot a bit guys, but where can i get watch winders? (clockwise+counter clockwise) any lobangs?
  4. bro, tats jaz certis bike. i was wonderin wat he was doin dere as well.. as for da evo 10,saw one gunnin it along banyan on mon evening.forgot da colour.
  5. i tink i saw her passing banyan ave on fri morning. body kitted black ride. fierce...
  6. bros working on jurong island, i just wanna inform u tat deres a new speedcam installed in front of rotary. i'm not sure if its in service yet. That road's speed limit is 70 km/h. so just be careful guys.
  7. i have the same problem wif my my08 rexwhen cold start up, took it to mi 5 times b4 they said it was some high pressure pertaing to either the abs module or some brake booster thingy~ a couple of frosties and 1.5 my08 having the same problem. still waiting for them to get back to me on this.