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  5. Hi all got a few items up for sale 1) STI gear knob - $100 2) STI pedals - $100 Items are used in BP5, some items are able to fit BL5, BL9 and BP9, Please check with your own workshop before enquiring. Lowerballer will be ignored. Please dont offer $10 for the gearknob, i dont need that $10 so desperate. PM to deal Thanks
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  9. 1) Sold 2) Sold 3) Sold 4) Sold 5) Sold 6) Defi exhaust temp sensor (Sensor only) - $100 7) Sold 8)Subaru Legacy HID h7 bulb and slim ballast only with white pole light bulb (aftermarket set for 05, 06 legacy)- $60 No installation include for the HID, please find your own installer and I am selling the unit Cash and carry. How much you find the installer, please don't factor in my selling price. PM to deal. All item are original All cash and carry at bukit timah area **Lowballers, pilot, story teller or have to ask gf,wife permission, pls do so before pm me**
  10. Nice car, is that a bp5?
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