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  1. Hi ah shame.. Reviving old thread because of interest.. Care to share your reasons for changing, journey and detailed feedback. Would be appreciative if you had time
  2. Share the heart transplant offline.. Mine might need some loving too..
  3. Need to clear tyres.. Willing to take almost any offers
  4. Yoyo yo! Where got fierce it's quiet quiet and all the problems coming on. Steering pump, engine gaskets etc.. Normal bah. These days just hoping to get 400km for a tank! Hope things are good on your end
  5. As long as your air filter isn't exposed to the water it should be okie.. I am running with vents but open pod in fender well..
  6. bump up for fast sales... items need to go ASAP before wife goes ape sh*t on me..
  7. New item found in store room and update sold item.
  8. Thanks for the bump bro.. adding new item to the page
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