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  1. Anyone here installed this? I'm renewing COE and looking to "spice" up my car a bit. Can the projector tilt up and down like our stock headlight? I drive an Impreza 2.0 MY2007 so I have the black headlight. Can I install LED light to replace my H3 halogen?
  2. I never receive any call. Probably coz my car is due to scrap in June. But I'm renewing COE, waiting for the 6-bids to go down.
  3. Got letter say can change already ah? Anyway, if it's the passenger side airbag, I expect it to take a long time.
  4. Bump! So my center diff knocking sound still there but since turning is not affected even after driving to Malacca, I didn't change it in case it's something else in the gearbox. Since no one can diagnose it, I just leave it until something breaks. I've changed to a refurb compressor at an air-con specialist and it's working great for 6 months+ now! The power steering pump leaked again 6 months after I replace with a refurb but since the leak is minor and didn't affect the air-con or alternator belts, I didn't bother to fix it. Just top up the oil now and then. Oh I made a mistake, my COE end in June 2018, not 2017. Looking at the COE situation and the question on Subaru's commitment to the Levorg product line, I will most likely renew the COE. In case you dunno what I'm talking about, Motorimage has stopped selling Levorg to wait for next year model. BUT, Subaru is moving all the range to the SGP (Subaru Global Platform) except for the Levorg due to the long wheelbase, so the Levorg chassis will end up being less stiff than the WRX and Impreza. So when will the Levorg get updated? Who knows? And I'm not willing to put down so much money for a Levorg especially since it doesn't have Eyesight in SG. I also realise that my manual 2.0i hatch is actually pretty cheap to maintain. No turbo pumps to worry about. No CVT pumps or Control units to fail. Wear and tear is there but it's due to the way I drive. Fuel economy has gone down due to my catalytic converters being clogged but that can be replaced brand-new at $1000. After 230,000km, I guess it's reasonable life-span.
  5. I just did all 4 bushings at my regular workshop. $450. Left and Right arms. Big and small. My left wheel was oscillating when I go at 80km/h+ and doing a slight right turn. The bushing completely came off liao. 😂
  6. I got the letter to change passenger side bag but seeing Takata is bankrupt, I doubt it'll get changed. Still I'll renew COE for my car lah.
  7. Well, I think the air-con compressor just cut in, which draw some engine power and also uses a bit more electricity. This is more pronounced when the battery is near EOL. If you're not using Amaron or better batteries, this usually happens when the battery is 14-16 months old. At least that's what I notice in my MY07 2.0i hatch. Normal sealed batt only last 18 months, while the Amaron can last 2.5 years.
  8. It's been a while since I posted anything here but help me out here. Heard previous posts got lost. I'm driving the MY07 2.0i Hatch. Mileage is 180k. It's 1.5 years till end of COE. Now my air-con compressor is giving up. I've already change its magnetic clutch but the compressor itself is leaking so I need to change. The power steering is leaking also but I read here it can be repaired instead of replace. Which is good. Which brings me to the main problem. A few years back when mileage was about 110k, I change the center diff at AMK Autopoint because during a turn, there's a knocking sound from the gearbox. This year, starting from around 165k, the knocking sound came back after the gearbox heated up. I've tried to change the diff oil for front & back, which helps, but I'm worried that if I drive to Melaka this Dec, the center diff might break or something. Last year at around 150k, I replaced the entire clutch assembly at MI. So my question is, should I spend the money to overhaul the gearbox + center diff? Anyone knows why the center diff slips only when the gearbox heats up? Is there some oil I forgot to replace? My consideration are, 1) Is it worth to do all these stuff if I'm scrapping the car in 1.5 years. I'm looking at the Levorg next (depending on COE in 2017). 2) I'll be changing tyres & timing belt within this year so costs is a major concern. If not, I'm thinking of just changing to a recon gearbox. 3) Could the problem be something else, like in the rear diff or shaft to the rear diff. Thanks for all insights!