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  1. The problem is the ws said that they can still deny the SMS as it is very vague. He said the insurance we are claiming is the other party's and will definitely side themselves. They can say that out of ignorance they thought is their fault then after thinking awhile then realise its not. Now the workshop say we sure lose. Superly headache now. Cuz the main issue is it is a side by side accident although more to the rear but none of the rear lights of my car nor head light of his car got damage. What should I do?
  2. I was just hoping that someone had any video clip or witness related to this unlucky accident to prove that it's not our fault. My dad was driving smoothly in the 2nd lane of CTE towards Sin Ming just after the tunnel before the Moulmein exit when he felt an impact on the rear of the car. When he checked, he realised that a black Mazda 6 was swerving side ways as if loosing control between 1st and 2nd lane where at the same time speed up and attempt to drive off the scene. Realising that the tyre was punctured and unable to move on further, the Mazda 6 quickly drove to the road shoulder just before Moulmein exit and stopped. Worrying that the other driver might drive off again, my dad drove towards the road shoulder without stopping right away to take any photo of the actual scene to prove that he is the victim. As my dad confronted the Mazda 6 driver, he apologised and explained that his tyre got punctured by a rock on the 1st lane and accidentally swayed towards 2nd lane hitting the right rear and side of my car. Subsequently, they then took photos of the damages and exchange particulars. As both the cars had to be towed to the workshop (the impact dented my 18" advan racing rim and tyre flattened), he texted to admit his fault and agreed to a full liability of our damage. However, the next day when we tried to contact the driver, he refused to pick up all our calls. We had to make a report within 24hrs of the accident and decided to claim against his insurance. We then realised its a rented car and he is already repairing his car damage privately. When he realised that we had reported to the insurance, he twisted his words and said my dad is the one who is driving "erratically, weaving in and out of lane, drifting from side to side In lane". Damn!! Such a liar!! I am sincerely asking to find out if anyone had witness this stupid accident or if you have any car video recording or prove to help us prove our innocence in the accident, please contact me by replying to this post. We will definitely appreciate your kindness and righteousness.
  3. 4x Lenso Samurai SC1 rims 17x7 5x100 selling at $400. Excellent condition. Barely used for 2 months. Watsapp for pictures. Pls watsapp 936double-eight97zero if interested.
  4. I thought most people wish to Enjoy the sound their exhaust is producing? I'm quite surprised.
  5. Noted with thanks. Will make sure I don't break any rules.
  6. Nex shopping mall also.. The exit slope is very steep plus there is a hump at the end of the slope. I literally have to stopped before going pass the hump.
  7. However I also feel that if he wants to show the tp how fast he can go, I'll just keep left and let him pass first if i didn't want to increase my speed risking myself. I like to show some courtesy since I don't go as fast as he goes. It's a win-win situation. I don't irritate him driving "slow" in front of him and i can keep in my comfortable speed without kanna smoke. Think about it.
  8. I also kept most of my stock parts so during demoding I don't need to worry about swapping.
  9. Thanks guys.. SuberSTI, are ur camber nuts adjustable? I'll contact u soon.
  10. Anyone knows where can I buy adjustable camber nuts? I went for car alignment and he said that my rear wheels camber nut is missing.
  11. Although I'm a lady driver myself, but I do agree nowadays there are not many lady drivers who knows how to drive a car properly. Don't understand how they get their license..
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