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  1. Authentic AP Racing 6/4 Full Set With AP Racing Pads, Slotted Rotors & Goodridge SSBH 114.3 From reputable workshop Validated serial number Best For VA WRX/STi & SJ Forester Plug & Play Contact 97319460 for more details
  2. 245/40/18 Price For All 4 $480 About 70% Left Car rarely drive, hitting less than 6K mileage a year 9731 9460
  3. Selling Parts From V10 STi 1) VF48 Turbo 2) V10 TMIC 3) Authentic HKS SSQV BOV 4) Perrin 3" Downpipe Contact 97319460
  4. PERRIN FMIC WITH FULL ORIGINAL RED PIPING Suitable For WRX / STi Hatchback, Hawkeye Can Fit As Well Intercooler Core Still Good, No Accident Before No Low Baller & Time Waster Please 97319460 Can Call Or Whatsapp
  5. 245/40/18 Left more than 90% Car rarely drive, hitting less than 6K mileage a year Changed during June 2017, have receipt to proof Changing as trying out different tyres. $800 Contact 97319460
  6. Original Brembo Black 4/2 Front & Rear From Subaru STi Hatchback ~ $1,880 Package include : Goodridge SSBH Front & Rear 90% Dixcel Slotted Rotors Front & Rear ( Replace on April 2017 ) Dixcel ZD Brake Pads ( Replace on April 2017 together with Rotors ) Original Paint never respray / touch up before Best for Subaru Impreza, WRX, BRZ, Forester XT Contact 97319460
  7. Not R1 meh ? Hahaha Anyway, bump for this cute handsome seller. Oppa Ben haha Friendly, reliable chap
  8. Can qi chia wif u ? Win liao tis brakes I take foc wahahaha
  9. HKS SSQV jin loud and beng ! Beware of counterfeits ..
  10. Bolt on turbo, install bodykits... Pm me ... I have a few leftover exterior accessories frm my previous 1.5R
  11. 1.5R sedan no legal exhaust as of now ...
  12. Hi all, following items all dekited and no swap required. Genuine STi front under lip for 2008-2012 Subaru 2.0R / S-GT / WRX - $380 Condition as good as new with no chips as only used for a few month before I sold the car. Bought new from MI @ $6xx Perrin 3" downpipe for 2008-2012 Subaru WRX/STi - $380 Perrin front 25mm Anti-roll bar (PSP-SUS-125) WITH Endlinks - $250 for 2008-2012 STi hatchback GRF/GRB Also suitable for 2008-2012 Subaru Impreza/S-GT/WRX/STi Earl's Oil Cooler - $280 Sandwich adapter included In great working condition. Bought in 2016. Selling as upgrading. Please not that hose not included as I have reused them Rotora Big Brakes Kit - $1600 Front 4 pot Rear 2 pot Comes with Original Goodrich stainless steel brake line, Original Rotora rotors and brake pads. Still very meaty like new. Plug and play with no modification. STi Front strut bar for 2008-2012 Subaru Impreza/S-GT/WRX/STi - $250 WK Performance Rear Camber Arm for - $180 2008-2012 Subaru Impreza / S-GT / WRX / STi Must have to adjust the rear camber to prevent uneven tyres wear when you lowered the car ! 2x Bride Low Max with Miki Railings $680 Condition as good as new with no torn. Mishimoto radiator - $650 Bought in 2016 Already dekited, no swap required Comes with both Mishimoto upper and lower hose Contact 97319460 Slight nego for serious buyer. Please do not lowball as condition for the above items are good and are bought brand new. Thank you for your time !
  13. Hi bros, all items dekited and previously installed on a lightly driven car. Condition of items all considered good. Used but not abused. Slight nego for sincere buyers. No lowballers or time wasters please. 1. Rotora 4/2 Brakes Rotors & Pads still left alot - $1,500 2. Original RPF1 17" 8JJ 35ET - $1,200 3. Original STi front grille 4. Original STi front lip with genuine under protector - $250 5. Original Varis trunk and wing - $1,500 6. 2x Bride Low Max with Miki railings - $650 7. Brand new in box STi pedals for Manual - $45 8. Pivot throttle controller - $120 9. Whiteline 22mm front and rear anti roll bars - $450 10. Cusco rear strut bar - $120 Sold: Yellowspeed fully adjustable coilovers 4x Defi Genuine Water temp Oil Temp Oil Pressure Boost Contact me at 97319460
  14. WTB Stock No Scoop Hatchback Bonnet Best if blue colour Contact 97319460