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  1. If your short shifter is for 6 speed,i'm interested...
  2. Accidentally ordered 2 of the items.... so rather than returning, see if anyone wants it here.... Brand new in Black color.... Those with Koyo Rad may need to file of a bit of the shroud to get it fitted... at least thats what happened to me... mishi rad, i not sure.... anyway.... if interested, pm me or msg me at 98331361. Its brand new... so please be reasonable...
  3. My condolences to your Lip... It was pretty till.... I think might as well buy new PU ones than repair... more cost effective less you have entire CF everything else.... Recommend used ones? Try searching WTS section?
  4. I second lego on this... the time and petrol spent to go to kenny is worth it... just remember to bring cash... he doesn't accept cards
  5. In which case, both are illegal... I recommend just some good audio for the trip up-north... the rest just keep stock...
  6. If have the above mention... PM me pls. Edit. Looking for Bride Stradia with passenger railing. Replica also can, but need to be in good condition... its for my wife...
  7. freezyool


    Dunno what car you getting from them.... but if you are getting a WRX or STI... get it inspected at a reputable workshop before committing to the deal. If they have nothing to hide, it should not be a problem to allow you to do it. That way you know what you are in for should you commit to buy. IMO, WRX/STI are notorious for being modified (duh... ...) so much so that it is not surprising that bits and pieces are missing/poorly assembled when its time to sell away (y? Just check the WTS section... see how many people are de-modding...) Its normal... I drive a "frankenstein" but at least it was checked out... As to whether car prices is worth it? I managed to get mine for 6k depreciation but i still thing it is so not worth it.... you could get a 6yr old Porsche Cayenne Turbo in US for 20k.... I bought a 07 A4 2.0T Quattro and a 99 Dodge V8 Durango for 20k USD... tell me car prices in SG worth it anot? BL... as long as you willing to pay.... can liao...
  8. *Edited with Updated* If you are selling or know someone who does... pls contact me.
  9. looking for H-bar for my06 sit...

    1. 16520


      I have one. SMS 84485019.

  10. i have similar problem with mine too.... but circumstances are slightly difference... It was a brand new pad (1mth old?) prior to track day, and upon return to Singapore then the squealing happen... unlikely to be worn pads... possibly warped rotor? but no sound on the way back in m'sia, till i reach Singapore... :/
  11. Looking for the abovementioned items for 06 STI. If you have pm me. Thanks
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