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  1. Try these two stockists: Lian Lee Hardware Auto Space Parts Co, 67620012, Blk 1 387-G Yew Tee Industrial Estate S(677952) Or Choon Wah Auto Trading Pte Ltd, 6759 2292, 20 Woodlands Link #01-03 Singapore 738733 Have often been able to get rare and hard to find parts which most other stockists did not carry. Good luck!
  2. These would be the part numbers and links you can order from: I have not tried Project Mu pads on a Subaru, nor have I tried the HC-CS pads, but I can say that the various Project MU street pads I have tried on a few cars have been great so far.
  3. Here's a link for the Bluetooth OBD2 device on Ebay. It's really cheap and simple to use. Just download an app called Torque onto an Android phone or tablet, then plug the device to the OBD2 port and then pair with your phone/tablet. It can read error codes. Of course, it doesn't have as many features as a professional scanner would, but in reality it's good enough for you to read some average parameters and error codes, and costs next to nothing for that kind of function. The CD which is included in the package with this device is useless, you don't need it for anything. My friend found that it might contain some virus, so I would recommend not using it at all.
  4. Rims and exhaust sold. Hawkeye STI original ECU and spoiler still available. Please call 62609394 for details
  5. Better to go to the workshop which did your upgrades and tuning for them to rectify the boost problem. As for the knocking sound, if it's like a rapid "tok-tok-tok" when turning tightly but at low speeds, that should be nothing to do with the power steering pump, but probably the CV joint or other drive shaft components instead.
  6. Have been on HKS LA single plate for more than a year now. Rated to take up to 450ps. Haven't been driving hard, so can't comment on how it holds up on track, but daily drivability is about the best of any aftermarket clutch I've tried so far. Engagement and shifting is crisper, smoother and quicker than the stock clutch, but the pedal isn't much heavier than stock and ability to half clutch and move around in traffic is fine. Carbonetics twin and triple have rather heavy pedal feel but still very controllable for daily drive and in traffic too.
  7. Bump up. Also, please note the difference in size of the front and rear wheels, 18 X 8.5jj and 18 X 9.5jj respectively. Still suitable for our AWD cars if identical-sized tyres are used.
  8. Hi all, selling the following items: 1) Original ECU for hawkeye STI. Bought at $400 from a fellow forumer here, intending to revert car to stock ECU, but never ended up installing as decided to tune on the existing standalone ECU instead. Letting go at $300 now. 2) GD STI high mount spoiler in urban grey. Bought from a fellow forumer here but never installed as the car has been sold. Most probably a replica - please don't buy if you are particular about authenticity. Price reduced, $50 firm. All items out of car, cash and carry. Please call 62609394 for more details. Don't leave questions here or by PM as I might not check in all the time. Thanks for viewing.
  9. Turbo Sam (Sam Chua) runs Speed Clinic at AMK Autopoint, #02-07. Haven't personally used his services so can't comment, but he's apparently quite well known for such works. You can google for his number and give him a call to find out more.
  10. Congrats on your purchase! WRX wagon is really rare in Singapore. Was it the red one which was advertised in SGCarMart some time back?
  11. One of my family's cars (Mazda 3, not a Subaru) passed inspection with decat recently. Didn't bring it there personally though, got the workshop to bring it.