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  1. Can anyone share the key difference of 86 and BRZ? also with this kind of price, can buy the new Golf Sport edition, the power already can beat BRZ. but BRZ looks is better killer than Golf
  2. Can buy T86 and replace logo with Subaru?
  3. Bro, wide fender LTA approved?
  4. thanks bro
  5. Bro, i mean those free one.
  6. Any brother has this ringtone? If you have, care to sent to me? Thanks
  7. no lah. Subaru only competing in WRC with Prodrive partner. Group N and Group A is they supply car, but the invidual team will have to buy from them. So you will still see Group N car. just like Motor image team. Someone have to still buy car from Fuji Heavy Motor. Ha ha. Anyway gave up sabaru long ago. Disappointing. the ugly they make the car.
  8. bro, Group A or Group N is not directly by Subaru, it is private people who buy Subaru car to run. correct.
  9. just monitored, but the issue is when they are out doing their cheating, no one there to catch them. Unless the police ask the Suntec Management to give them the CCTV to prove they are out to perform their selling
  10. They very ON man, I say dont want still keep asking me. Somemore at Tiong Bahru Plaza Carpark. but that time i thought they are true, so never copy their car plate. Then i realized that my friend told me they are go and cheat people. The speaker inside is lousy thingy.
  11. I am not sure how many of you ever encounter someone who come to you in the carpark load and claiming that they have over stocked their sound systems and cannot bring it back to office. So they decided to lelong and give it to you free to off load them. and the systems worth $2 to 3K. In return just give them some token will do. I ever kana before, and i ask them since free why should i give some tips to them. Anyway, i ask them how much they want, they say $500, wau kau. Last month i was at Suntec Tower 3, i happen to see this van and this 2 man park their van outside a lady car and do similar tricks to her. And i think the lady fall into their trap as i saw they carry the speaker in box and put into her car boot. Shit, why do people want to do such thing.
  12. subaru cannot make it now. Ha ha, actually alot of lau jia change to other model liao.
  13. It is CAR issue, the car doesnt give the driver the confident to push. Give up on Subaru.
  14. Super lousy, already 2 years, still not as competitive as Ford or Citroen. I wonder is car issue or driver.
  15. No head no tail is ok, just canot take it for the shaking of the film.