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  1. Same problem here. Looking for a replacement. I went online to check and saw that the cover comes in full package with the console cup holder. http://parts.subaru.com/p/Subaru__WRXWRX-Premium/CUP-HOLDER/49278590/66155AG100JC.html
  2. Hi guys, As above title. Cash n carry. Used for less than 1 year. Letting go at $1350. Interested buyers can contact me @ 92378216
  3. Hi all, anyone heard before a splitter placed in the bonnet scoop so that air flow in will get in contact to the whole of the tmic? i saw by intercooler only top half was dirty and heard my mechanic talk about having the splitter. Anyone got hear bout this before?
  4. Just wondering for Subaru GH8 are there any suitable conti brand shocks for it? So far went to look for Sachs but they dont have for GH8 =(
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