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  1. Depending on what parts they replace lah. I replaced mine at $80 including labour at my usual workshop. I'm driving a GRF STi and due to no available stock, i went ahead with the WRX 5 sp shifter bushing. It has been 3 months and no problems. Both 5 spd and 6 spd shifter bushing look identical IMO.
  2. My letter was dated 21st July 2017 however due to no available stock, i can't replace. Till today i'm still awaiting their follow-up letter.
  3. Hi, does the boost controller comes in complete set?
  4. Item sold to a nice chap.
  5. Have a set of D2 street coilovers for sale. Compatible for GE/GH/GR/GB Installed on 22 Jan 2016. Set is out of the car. CASH & CARRY $380 Interested parties please contact me 96631177
  6. Hi, Is item 9 still avail?? If so, can you contact me @ 9663 1177
  7. **SOLD**
  8. BBK is reserved!
  9. Price change! Clearing at $1200! Cash & carry!
  10. Upz!! Price slightly negotiable.
  11. Upz!
  12. Up for the day!
  13. Up for the day!