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  1. The promotion is on-going till further notice (no date has been set)
  2. Operation Hours: 8:30am to 5:20pm, Mon to Fri 8:30am to 1:20pm, Sat No servicing needed. Just approach any of the service advisors, informing them that you are coming for the car wash promotion. Our driver will sent your car with a jobcard created. Just wait & have some coffee at the lounge.
  3. Good day everyone. Motor Image Subaru (Leng Kee Branch) is having a car wash with vacuum promotion at $8.56. Applicable only to Subaru models. Just approach any of the service advisors for this promotion. Thank you everyone for noticing it
  4. selling Brembo Monobloc 4-pot race caliper (XA4.D3.01/04) with bracket, Dixcel racing brake pads (925 0005), steel braided hoses, aluminium bell in anodised black coat with bobbin pins meant for Dixcel FS rotors (355mm x 32mm). You have to buy brand new rotors. sms/whatsapp me your pricing at 91778899
  5. thanx for ur inputs regarding fixing A then B spoil, fixed B then C spoil, hope u understand tat we wouldn't know when will mechanical parts break down. We wouldn't want to ask you to replace all the relevant working parts with regards to the spoilt part. For example, radiator leak, we will replace radiator. We will not ask you to replace radiator hose, thermostat, radiator fan, fan switch, coolant sensor etc whereby they are perfectly fine when we found out tat leakage is only from radiator. For cause we can do a preventive measure by replacing more related stuffs but u will incur a bit more. Some may be more understanding n willing to go ahead with the preventive measure while some will just wait till it spoil then change. we r all accountable for ur car n not juz the mechanic who works on ur car. Most agents n some outside wksp will have a standard SOP n each of us has their own roles to do, therefore customers will communicate with advisors n not directly to mechanics. Not all chefs from fine dining restaurants will serve u personally as the task of serving is left for the waiters to do.
  6. Veilside05: ya...working for agents. Task to improve company. Will look into overpriced parts. We r considering modifications being done at agents while retaining warranty. When ur car under warranty, it's part is free. b20: we r working ½ day on Sat. As company had a structure, tats y u communicate w/ advisors. We will look into bringing in aftermarket parts n accessories. Beautiful PR or manager will b a bit hard le. It's not b coz we dun repair, juz tat some parts r not repairable n new part replaced will give u a better security tat things won't fail u again. Insignia: this will b hard as company decide the layout.
  7. hi there hope to have seniors inputs & comments regarding some of my questions 1. wat attracts u ppl to go to outside wksps instead of going back to agents? 2. wat r the things u would like to c so that u will go back to agents? 3. r u willing to go back to agents if eg. modifications done at agents don't void ur warranty, sponsoring forum events, grp discounts etc 4. any other suggestions tat the company can improve thanx
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