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  1. Hi All, the speedo has been sold. Thanks
  2. Hi Guys I am selling my STI Optitron Speedo (For Hawkeye & Blobeye WRX/ TS) $150 with swap - Good condition with no defects and heavy scratches - Selling cheap because scrapping car in a few days - Can do DIY installation for you (5mins) Keen buyers contact me at 8-373-8695 to arrange. Car will be scrap within this few days hence please confirm asap. Cheers
  3. Sold to a nice gentlemen. Thanks for viewing
  4. Hi Guys, I am selling a good condition Unichip Version Q. Selling because change car from TS to WRX. Do contact me at 83seven3eight695 - Self Collection at Bukit Timah
  5. Hi bros, My 2 front wheel Banana leaf flew off at high speed. So Im looking for a used one to replace it. No need perfect condition. As long as no major tear/cracks is alright. Best for those scrapping car since its very easy to DIY remove yourself. Keen sellers contact me at 837-38695.
  6. Hi Guys, I am selling a Good condition Unichip Version Q. Selling because changed car and new car don't need it for tuning. Price is fixed, keen buyers can contact me at 837-37695. Collection at Bukit Timah. Thanks!
  7. Hi Bro, I used to drive a Hawkeye TS 1.6. Had my timing belt changed around 3 months ago. I did my best to find best solution that can help save money. 1) Buy parts from Spare Part Shop in Ubi (Contact: 67412348/67410606) - Timing Belt (Original) - 3 Bearings (OEM) - Water Pump (OEM) - Tentioner (Original) - Spark Plugs >> Total parts cost Approx $490 2) Bring parts to Ah Huat Motor Workshop to install (Walking distance from parts shop) >> Total Labour cost $160, Approx 3 hour job. Address: Blk 3006 Ubi Road 1 #01-346 Singapore 408700 Tel: 67474782 Hence I spent total of about $650 to change timing belt. By the way I wish to highlight the importance of changing this belt. My old belt was almost reaching the end of its lifespan. Have lots of cracks on the entire belt when workshop removed it. (See photo) For more complex cars like WRX, STI I think its still better for Pro Subaru workshops to do for you.
  8. Hi Bros, just an update to everyone that the issue have been resolved. The cranking sound comes from AVCS Cam Pulley that the previous owner modded. Stock WRX Cam Pulley is suppose to look black. However the AVCS version is silver color. Workshop replaced AVCS Pulley with stock WRX pulley and never hear the sound anymore.
  9. Hi Bros, I am looking for a good condition Power Steering pump for my 2005 WRX 2.0 Item must be fully functional with no defects (heavy steering, noise, leaks etc) Keen sellers please sms your best quote 837-38-695 Thanks
  10. Bro WRX628, thanks for your advice. I just sent car for workshop to work on it. Told them to check the turbo part first then engine. If anyone else have any suggestion about this issue do feel free to comment.. Thanks Guys
  11. Bro. I drove a TS last time and got the same problem. The engine sometimes does not crank when you turn the switch. It has a soft clicking sound. Sometimes after a while, it is able to start. This is possibly the coil part of the starter motor that is damaged. I did my starter coil replacement here $150 (3months ago), took approx 1 hour Choon Huat Tyre & Battery 64821157 This shop is specialised in repairing starter motor and alternators. You will understand what I mean when you reach the shop. Tell the boss you got this problem he will know how to check. Cheers.
  12. Hi Bros, I just upgraded from a TS to 2005 Impreza WRX 2 days ago and found out there is an issue with the engine. Please see the video that I recorded below when the mechanic check my engine >> http://youtu.be/1wb83J5rja4 In neutral, when engine is rev to above 5000rpm and released throttle, there is a metal knocking (or clicking) sound heard from the Driver side of the engine bay. When gear is engaged, there is no unusual sound even during hard driving with boost. Sometimes this rattling sound comes from light throttle, or when starting the engine. I brought the car to BMS/BKS, SPT and a dealer workshop to inspect the engine, all the mechanic were confused. They try to find the cause of noise via listening on a screw driver. The sound is clearly near the driver side engine bay area. They provide possible issues: Turbo Turbine damage Engine Bearing problem 'Unknown' serious issue with engine Sound may come from mods done to engine by previous owner. But none of the mechanics are confident about the cause of noise unless they 'open up' the engine to check... If anyone of you have seen this issue before, please help provide some comments. Thanks
  13. Bros I am looking for K&N Apollo Air intake for Hawkeye 1.6 TS. Keen sellers please pm me your best offer. Able to meet at your convenience if the price is right and deal fast. SMS me at: 837-386-95
  14. Hi Bros I have been looking for an answer to this for a long time. A stock specification found online for this car is 11.6 seconds. But my test yesterday is between 16.5-17.5 seconds. Changed to WRX Muffler and exhuast resonator Decatted to straight pipe Changed to 4-2-1 extractor Aftermarket Open pod intake CEL for P0032 Heater Control Circuit High output (Bank 1 Sensor 1) - Due to decat Have not done any tuning yet. Is the poor performance due to car running in Limp Mode due to CEL? Does doing mods without tuning = drop in performance? Bros please advise. I will be happy if my car can achieve 11.6 seconds 0-100..
  15. Hi Bros I am looking for a Hawkeye Impreza TS 1.6 Catalytic Converter. Must be functioning well and not de-catted. Keen sellers please sms me your best offer asap: 837-386-95 Thank you