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  1. sms to 97222729 to offer thanks.
  2. Whatsapp/sms picture and mod of your sg9 to 97222729
  3. sold pls delete
  4. selling rims only at 700. if interested can add 3 month old Michelin ps4 225/45-18 at 600 more. sms to 97222729
  5. Any SG9 owners here that has done up their car to the forester sti look? I'm interested to buy your car if you are selling.. I'm driving a BR9 legacy gt wagon with 22months left.. sms/call 97222729 if interested
  6. Looking for a front brembo for 2010 legacy gt.. in good condition.. sms to 97222729 thanks
  7. still available
  8. lelong 250 including tyres.. tyres are almost new
  9. price negotiable
  10. almost new but letting go at 400.. comes with 215/55-17 Yokohama tires 80% thread life.. rims got zero damage..sms 97222729 to deal.. tyre size suitable for BR9 LGT and some other subarus.. price negotiable
  11. what size are the tires bro? I'm driving legacy gt.. can sms me 97222729 thanks
  12. hi I'm keen on brakes pls sms or WhatsApp me 97222729.. thanks
  13. looking for one used.. my car is 2010 model legacy gt wagon (BR9) sms to 97222729 thanks
  14. brand is triple S. lower by about 1 inch.. letting go cheap to clear storeroom.. brand new cost 450 but I'm selling at 100. got used kyb front shocks for sale at 100 too.. condition is 9/10 used since November only bundle at 150 pls help me clear hehe. sms to 97222729
  15. still available and price negotiable.. condition is like new.. no swap needed