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  1. Upz
  2. Hi selling my HKS BOV. Model is SSQV 2. this will make your car have the qiiiiii qiiiii whistle sound. very nice upgrade for your car. Selling @ 260 labour on buyer. All necessary stuffs included. SMS me @ 8382 0082 for info or deal. Thanks Have original receipt
  3. Called up to check for kak and jic. they said not LTA Approved.. anyone of you guys using the brands?
  4. Okay thanks for the replies. what fujitsubo model and price estimated?
  5. Hey folks, i just got my wrx 2.5 hatchback and looking for exhaust. called up a few shops and many of them are not LTA APPROVED. Anyone here knows what are the LTA APPROVED ones? Please advise! Thanks!