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  1. I am driving Subaru Hawkeye 2007
  2. I am interested in your spare tyre, are this rim light weight? Can it fit into the spare tyre boot area? Contact me at 98802831
  3. If original please contact me - Daniel at 98802831
  4. Check your handbrake shoe. Mine wear out completely and have to buy from MI.
  5. The radiator fan working well or not will effect your engine temperature and subsequently your car performance. Eventually your FC. If your mechanic mention one fan is slower then you should ask him to help to check whether is there a problem with the fan. I have optimized my car efficiency and can get at least 10 to 11 km/l. I could get 13 km/l if 95% highway
  6. I am driving the same car as you have. This car is very sensitive to heat. Try to wrap up your petrol and air intake tubing to prevent any heat from the combustion affecting your engine performance. The CAI that you have is the worst modification for an auto gear car because I had try it and the wrong mixture of air and petrol will cause the engine to heat up. An old car rubber tubing tends to crack and causes leakage. Rubber material tends to harden/vulcanized further when subjected to heat over time. Ask your mechanic to check the rubber tubing especially near the hot zone area.
  7. I have stock brake kit from 2007 1.6 both front and rear. Contact me at 98802831. Price can be discuss.
  8. I am interested in your stock my07 suspension. Contact me 98802831