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  1. Seller never respond
  2. juz go to other pro subie shops. get their advice.
  3. 9.2L per 100km is good.
  4. Yes agreed 4EAT gb is strong enough but technically dun abuse it too much. It will go off too.
  5. nonsense, they juz wanna decarbonise ur money only..
  6. u post to the wrong folder/segment.
  7. if im not wrong hks is the only legal one for the RS.
  8. Maybe could be ur piston rings issues
  9. normally if $600 spray same color, and $1.4k and above change color.
  10. it could be ur engine mounting. juz my 2 cents.
  11. U want 1L/15km or better, buy other car makes ,normal fwd car like fit, or vios or better get hybrid. subaru cars are well known for awd and performance. not for fuel efficiency type.