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  1. Sian right rear wheel kan tong got sound Liao when I get out of car....
  2. This 4 pot brake set, can be used for normal impreza sedan?
  3. guys im talking about muffler only , even that part only cannot fit behind the car?
  4. Guys I found it for sedan 1.5r 17 inch rims the pressure for front max kpa is 230 front and 220 rear , this is for max load 5 pax in car,Those who seldom tong pang , front 220 rear 200. I do plus another 10 kpa when I pump.
  5. Is there any where I can find ,for the correct tyre pressure for 17 inch tires? We can't look at the door example because it's for stock 15 inch right. Is there any website which state brand of tires type of car and amount of pressure when cold ?
  6. Wyven original ce is around 4.8 even replica is 5-6kg . Is that true for a 17inch ? Also where can I buy the black plastic studs which are used to secure the outer frame to the inner frame of the car ? Etc, wheel well area you got 2 studs to hold in place, mine missing .
  7. I got hold it up and agar before I buy it. Not bad. Quite light lor. I know the darkside, expensive.i used to ride bike , so the lack of power on demand is always there hehe .
  8. I upgraded my rims to 2nd hand ssr 17".i think each weigh round 5-6 kg Slight difference in pick up only lol
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