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  1. The visible light transmission (VLT) does not translate to better heat rejection (HR). If you shop around in the market, there are solar films going for close to 1.5k and solar films going for $150. All solar films have 99% infrared rejection (IR), so what really matters to car drivers are VLT% (Amount of passable light into the cabin) and HR% (amount of hear rejected). I have seen 70% VLT with 85% HR as well as 30% VLT with 90% HR. These are the films we should go for. bring your own measurement tools if you dont trust the solar film shop
  2. I booked a new 5G 2.0 sedan, can't wait for coe to be registered! Used to own the 3G 2.0 sedan, I would say there are lots of improvement ever since. The chassis is tight enough, dont feel the need for any bars during my crazy test drive. the suspension feels a little KW SC, very comfortable when going past uneven roads, but holds and doesnt float when taking corners. Engine wise, it's the new FA20 NA with the CVT. you will feel some gearbox juddering especially when the GB is "switching" gears very quickly. Power is similar to the old EJ20 NA, but feels a little quicker, probably due to the CVT. And needless to say, the technology in the car is pretty amazing. finally a digital quick response gauge that is built into the dash. no need 3rd party gauges and ugly wires anymore! Christmas should come soon!
  3. updated again. the more i dig the more parts i find lying around
  4. EGR headlight covers, rear fog lights added
  5. updated. few items remaining. low ballers welcomed now
  6. only point 4 is a yes. everything else no