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  1. Did that before. It is s still the same. Will send for cleaning again. Thank you.
  2. Dear all, i have this issue recently that whenever I step on my brake, the car will vibrate and if I applied the brake suddenly, the engine will stalled. My is a Legacy 2009 wagon. Any advice from all. Thank you.
  3. AutoGlaze
  4. Hi RSCT, I bought my used BR5 last June. The car year is 2009 Oct and that gives me about 5 years to go. My is non-turbo as it cost me additional 10-12K for turbo and more maintenance. My is 2.0i. There is one 2,0R (Twin exhaust). If you maintain the car well, it is a loving car to drive. Comfortable car. Look like F1 "AMG" safety car. Heheh. Good leg room with very good space. Electronic seat adjustment for driver seat. You can engaged to manual mode and have a finger shift gear. Just like F1 (Heheh). As I have been driving, MPV and SUV and this is my first Subaru, I do love this car. This car can go fast.
  5. Bro, resetting? How can we do it? Thought it is more of cleaning the throttle body.
  6. Hi, your floor mat is meant for which model legacy? Mine is a 09 wagon. Also how about your O2 sensor and side mirror?
  7. Hi, mine too. I am drib a wagon 2009 model. When it comes the @.5RPM, it shoot off very fast. Any kind people can enlighten us? Could it me the MAF or O2 sensor?
  8. Hi, i am looking for boot door sill plate on the rear bumper. I am driving a Legacy Wagon. Anyone can recommend where to buy?
  9. MI donor have it. Ordered from Aliaexpress. They gave the wrong size. Looking for local make. Any recommendation?
  10. Dear friends Wondering do anyone know where to purchase the Boot Door sill plate? Appreciate.
  11. Friends, anyone selling their shocks (Bilstein)? looking for replacement. As comparison, KYB or Bilstein is better for Sampan (BP5)?
  12. Who can do it and what will be the cost of it?
  13. Mine is NA
  14. Does the sprint booster helps in my wagon lagging? What are you looking at? 90101071