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  1. PM-ed you bro.
  2. Hey bro, what's the color of your stock mirror? Side mirror right?
  3. You must be Darren? Lol. I should be in the same Scooby chat as you.
  4. Sure bro, text me at 92710036
  5. Hello fellow scoobies, Do take your time to read, view photos and ask questions if any via PM or contact me at nine two seven one zero zero three six I'm selling: 1) Wiseco Pistons 99.5mm as a set of 4 - $300 2) K1 Conrods as a set of 4 - $300 3) Stock 2.5L WRX cams - $350 4) Stock 2.5L WRX valve springs and valves - $200 5) Xtreme Clutch for 6 speed gearbox - $100 (good for another 15k km/scrap) 6) Gates timing belt (belt only) - $50 used but still good condition 7) Driver side aftermarket seat rail for aftermarket bucket seats - $100 8) Original Engine head studs - $50 If take all items - $1000 This parts setup was running on 550hp on crank with 800nm torque with an Owen GT3076 Reason for selling: Rebuilt engine with sleeved block for 10 year COE renewal and full tomei parts. Gates timing belt $50 Xtreme Clutch for 6 speed STI Gearbox $100 WRX 2.5L Stock Cams $350 Wiseco Pistons 99.5mm $300 K1 Conrods $300 WRX 2.5L Stock Valves and Valve springs $200 Aftermarket Seat Rail $100 Stock Head Studs - $50
  6. Require swap?
  7. Item sold to a nice bro. Thanks so much.
  8. Hi fellow Scoobies, I'm selling a Exedy Clutch Kit for Subaru Impreza 1.6 manual. 85% remaining Changed out because my bearing spoilt, kit will include new bearing. Photo is with the spoilt one. As mentioned, I WILL INCLUDE A NEW EXEDY CLUTCH BEARING. Price: $200 Labor: I got lobang for $180, so far the best worksmanship at reasonable prices. Do contact me at 92710036
  9. Hi bro, interested in your momo steering and boss kit Please text or call me at 92710036
  10. Contact me 92710036. Interested in steering wheel
  11. Hawkeye STI has no rear fog. Both are white reverse lights. Means right side should have no red color circle light. Cockeye STI has two rear fogs, on left and right. If you drive a my05, you should notice your left tail light has no bulb in the far left red area. While your right side has a bulb.