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  1. Happy new year! I have the following for sale. I have a set of STI Brembo gold and a set of Rays G07wt , gold Rays center caps with 3 PS4 tyres snd 1 falken tyre. No swap required, labour to remove from my car on buyer. Looking at $1500 for everything. Some curb rash.
  2. What rotors are you on? Brembo? Thanks man Chuan
  3. Hi guys, For those bros on Brembo gold brakes, what rotors and pads are your guys on? Is it noisy? I'm not sure what rotors I'm currently on since they were there since I got the car, but I believe I'm on Akebono pads. The brakes are pretty noisy at times... since it's almost time for me to change the rotors and pads, I just wanna find out what setups are you guys on and if they are noisy for street use, I read that a few are on project mu rotors and tarox as well, Chuan
  4. Hi, Anyone knows where I can get hold of the owners manual for a bl9? Thanks Chuan
  5. Hi guys, I experienced a strange issue last night. I started the car and lost all the presets. That's a minor irritation, what bugs me is that my radio frequency starts at 76+ kHz and ends at 90 kHz, effectively forcing me to listen only to the CDs. All the other functions work fine though.. Any help or advice is much appreciated. Chuan
  6. Apologies to all bros. it's on hold pending funds. Didn't realise this is so popular.... Thanks for the interest guys
  7. Hi, I just dekitted. Used but not abused HKS EVC 6 from my ride. Works fine as informed by my tuner. Looking to just clear space @ $150. PM me if you are interested. China
  8. Just throwing out ideas, ever tried checking if there are any error codes thrown by ecu? You will need an obd2 reader. I gotten one off ebay and used my phone to check Chuan
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