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  1. Never check what's printed on the box, cause is recommended by my mechanic to take this rotor instead of Japan brand. Installed, tested and still working as it is supposed to do without any issue or whatever that's most important. Using road trip as test ground to confirmed this rotor do its job. Btw rotor + brake pad won't stop the car, good tires is the key factor. From the website this rotor is also used for tracking as well so can't be that bad. Please search if anyone have contributed feedback or discuss on the mention brake pad.
  2. Btw been using it for 1yr+ and done 4 road trip to Penang this yr. Braking at 200km/h no issue, combo vetto rotor with hawk performance hps 5.0 pad for front and rear.
  3. Not sure, why not you write directly to vetto and check. That will definitely give you the answer you are looking for. Me just sharing the butt feel and naked eye visual check to found this is exact same size and design as Jap brand.
  4. Too cheap don't buy, don't use. There's plenty of branded brand out there for you to choose
  5. All Subaru using STI brembo caliper will be direct fit. Installation is done at SKM or you can try Autozone Automotive Pte Ltd
  6. Total cost $2XX, include rotor + installation + GST.
  7. Today decided to go for it and indeed it look, built, feel the same as dixcel. Happy I made the right choice and save myself some bucks for other mod.
  8. Anyone using this rotor? Apparently it look exactly like Dixcel but a lot cheaper. In term of quality and built does it have any issue?
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  10. Only front
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  13. Reasonable offer will be consider but no low baller.
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