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  1. Welcome back to the suby family!!
  2. check this thread for answers on rotor size: front is direct fit, rear needs bracket.
  3. mind if i ask where and how much for the key duplication in JB?
  4. yours is a GE3, 1.5 MT MY10 = Manufacturing Year 2010 GE = 3rd Gen Impreza Sedan GH = 3rd Gen Impreza Hatchback GR = 3rd Gen Hatchback STI (Widebody) GV = 3rd Gen Sedan STI (Widebody) For GE and GE, the 3rd character denotes the engine 3 = 1.5 7 = 2.0 E = 2.5T
  5. forester

    did you lose coolant without driving? cause u mentioned add to the max at night but morning coolant reservoir is empty... if yes, then its likely your coolant reservoir is leaking. do check if your radiator level drop or not.
  6. my wife just informed me that i got a registered letter from subaru as well, and its regarding the airbag recall.. need to wait for the parts to arrive, and there'll be another follow up email... i'm 2009 impreza rs owner..
  7. 4dr 2.0RS manual here... there used to be a RS whatsapp chatgroup, but many member sold their car and have moved on.. the group is kinda dead now..
  8. im driving 4dr 2.0 RS manual, full tank should be 60 litres, 420-460km. btw, my wheels are upsized by an inch, stock RS should be 205/55/16, and speedo+ tripmeter will show extra 5-7%. i'm running 225/50/17, and my speedo and trip meter is accurate now.
  9. dont know about the history, but something is not right with the hood(seems misaligned, and there's big gap between the hood, grille and bumper), the headlamp is not ori, and the front bumper seems to be wrong too (WRX-s should come with HID, and should have headlamp washer)
  10. give BKS @northlink a visit, they should be able to fix it up for you. while you're at it, consider changing the clutch hose as well.. i had my master and slave cylinder changed last time, and the old clutch hose became a weakspot and started losing clutch fluid. so if you're changing both might as well do it all at one go.
  11. manual trans oil and rear diff oil change interval is 50k km. Your clutch fluid and brake fluid level are not supposed to go lower over time, as it's a closed hydraulic system. if you experience lowering of brake or clutch fluid level, that means there's a leak in either of the system. better get it checked as these affects safety.
  12. yes its possible, see around the 2:35 mark.. but this shop is located in KL. Had my viper security done up by them many years back. it's dependant on the installer, whether they can rewire the steering remote for you, as it is not plug and play.
  13. comes with bracket for 09 impreza?
  14. tyre squealing? i get it all the time at hdb mscp, but never on road.
  15. the price difference between the 2.0 model and new legacy is too small(only $4k difference), if i'm in the market for a new car around that price range, the new legacy is a no brainer. btw, spotted one unit of black 2017 impreza hatchback @ tampines today..