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  1. BKS @ Northlink Engine mount and transmission mount is separated and dont have to be done together.
  2. the english version is really just a thin booklet... if you want the full JP version, i can send you a copy. you've got PM btw.. @Unfair, you driving Exiga GT also?
  3. change the trip counter... one of the mode will show real time fc, while other mode will show average fc.
  4. check which counter are you on, and drive normally, it should return to normal after 1km of driving,.
  5. did you just bought the car or have you owned it for some time? its difficult to troubleshoot without more info and more detailed description. the cause could be from a $50 idle switch to the expensive AC compressor (personal experience) easiest is to send it to a pro-scooby workshop.
  6. i'm driving RS 2.0M too and used to have this kinda symptom, start with the cheapest fix first, if you have not clean the throttle body in a while, go have it cleaned and see if it improves..
  7. was there another one? i was only in a dead chat group. if there's already another one ongoing, you can just add us there..
  8. anybody wants to start another group chat for 2.0RS? the last one is dead as most members already sold off and changed to another ride..
  9. same as my 09 impreza. this is supposed to be a security feature, which not everyone will appreciate.
  10. I'm running 225/50/17 offset +38, need to roll the rear fender slightly, else will rub. other than that no issues, and my speedo is still slightly under (GPS 86-87 @ speedo 90) GPS measured speed. at this size, i basically maintain the stock thickness(compared to 205/55/16) and upsized the wheel by an inch. High speed stability is definitely much better, at minor expense of pickup.
  11. Rims designs are just personal preference. 17 inch does give you more choices of tyres, especially UHP ones.. If you're looking at slightly better handling/performance, then you can look at forged wheels, they are stronger and lighter, and any amount of reduced unsprung weight will supposedly help with handling. and why will wet performance go down if you use PS4? i know wider tyres are more prone to hydroplaning, but it depends a lot on the tyres design.
  12. if you havent change the shocks before, then most likely the shocks are worn lah. Mine changed last year, the rear already started leaking, and the bump stops are all degraded badly. how is the headlight beam pattern after changing to the one with DRL? i read online that the projectors are badly made and not properly aligned leading to bad beam pattern.
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