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  1. Please contact me @ 94558966
  2. I am looking for '07 hawk-eye carbon fibre front grilles & fog lamp cover
  3. i did go to a few workshop to find out however none give me a definite ans. i tink u might be right about the spring not matching the KYB shock...probably the safest way is to change back to stock since the spring coil is still ok
  4. would it be better if i change the rear BACK to stock as i worry if all use KYB ...the ride might be very "STIFF"
  5. bro do u mean KYB uses a differnet coil spring? currently i only changed the rear SB but the spring i use back old (original) one
  6. I am looking for 2 rear shock absorber (stock) for impreza 1.6 TS (2007 model Hawk eye) I don't mind buying or trading with my existing KYB absorber. I just need 2 for the rear if possible. Thx Josh
  7. impreza 1.6ts (hawk eye)..yes spring no change
  8. sorry what do u mean by spring rate? what i know is it's operated by gas
  9. i was considering changing the front to KYB to balance the "stiffness" but i was told not to do that as it will be even more uncomfortable
  10. yes front i didnt change
  11. not particularly at the rear but as a whole the car seems to be going over a very rocky terrain even on smooth road
  12. i was told by a workshop in Jb that my rear shock adsorber need to change. I was thinking of saving cost hence i changed them to KYB but only for the rear Now when i am driving the whole car seems very jerky and for some reason the power steering becomes pretty soft. I was told that the rear (KYB) is a bit stiffer than the front which are original parts, is this the main reason and what should i do about it
  13. for me i use silver spark plugs it helps improve on the horsepower