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  1. No info on spec. Fit mainly for legacy. 5x100, Check with your mechanic. Light weight From Rota. 2 of the 4 rims got scratches. Come with 4 tyres but only 2 can be use, 70% thread , Korean brand N’Fera SU1 , Need swap - $500
  2. Selling/Scraping Legacy 2,5GT BL9 before end of this month Let me know if any bros interested.
  3. Hi Bros, Going to scrap my 2,5GT end of this month. Besides the stock items VF44 - TwinScroll turbo, Rewrap Dashboard 17inch rim Let me know if you guys interested in the parts. Although a pity, else we send to scrap.
  4. Big FMIC, Piping and Apexi Air intake. Selling very cheap. Clear stock From Leagcy 2.5GT. Swap back to original for family driving. At $300 for all. Text 97600698
  5. Thanks to all bros for the input. Yes there "was" secondary air pump. Ok will look into that,
  6. Thanks! will keep on looking. menawhile perhaps get a air purifier.
  7. Bros, anyone can recomend workshop that can do leak check for exhaust/vacume/ or fuel line. Found some smell when aircon on recently. Got a CO detector in car, also found CO coming into the car slowly over a period, especially with high rpm. Having a child in car sometimes. So want to be safe.
  8. Anybody know where to get Aircon filter but Charcoal type. for Legacy GT ?
  9. Hi Bro, me also got a 2.5LGT recently. Me totally newbie to turbo car. Will need advice from all.