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  1. I would say no alternative. I used to drive a ts too. For bov to work u need some form of pressure so that it get vented into the astomspher. So without a turbo I dun see how it can be done.
  2. Welcome, nice to hear from u. Nice ride
  3. it works like an insulator and quite personal. It work like an insulator. For this hot day where u bonnet will be hot, and the heat get soak into the already Hot engine.
  4. Look a nice but how to secure it
  5. As Long as the model are the same , u can transplant the parts over less the engine of cos
  6. Wanna trade for a new look. Rim came Wif car. Gold in Color. Wanna trade for re30 or ce28n. My rim size is 18, 8jj offset not sure. Can clear brembo. Looking for 18 and 8jj also.
  7. Here is the link
  8. Not too sure, Havent replaced it yet. Go to stockist. Lesun. I bought stuff there. But their main office is lvl 2 not lvl 3 as stated in their website.
  9. Bro, ur car left 1 yr is it. Than go to wts tread and find a used clutch. No point waste money. Unless u planning to renew
  10. Bring the car to a pro workshop and have the cel chk on. If wat they say is truth than they wouldn't mind. Cel for one can be cause by numerous factor. But o2 sensor juz one of the cheaper excuse. Be safe not sorry