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  1. Seemed that the driver had to be sent to hospital in a very dazed state. My boss also hospitalised for observation. At any rate, my car camera can really show many of them beemers, audis and whatever you have driving like they own the roads... Nearly hit one the other day, fella just came out of the car park exit without stopping! Ya... leave them be lah... I just ignore their ignorance! Cheers.
  2. Was driving home late on Saturday night when I noticed that my water temp has gone up to 115 degrees! Opened up the hood and saw that water is leaking out from the reservoir... full to the brim! Next morning, the thing was empty. Went to autobacs and was told to change the radiator or something like that($640), thermostat($190) and the two belts which were like splaying away($420). I was like wow! Not to jump into anything, I only asked to do a flushing job(as what was posted in many websites when dealing with clogged radiator) and changed 1 belt. I do not remember paying more than $100 for a belt change. I do not know why the belt kept cutting up like that! Anyway, things have been okay since doing the above. Must monitor... Any suggestions from you guys? Thanks...
  3. I am now the brunt of nasty stuff from my colleagues at work. Last week, a scooby whacked my Boss' BMW from the rear... She had a dented rear bumper and very bad neck strain and shock. The scooby... front was basically "BAD". A colleague has the pictures... maybe I will post... Happened at the PIE towards Changi...
  4. I was kind of knocked out since I posted this. No chance to look up further. Anyone still interested? PM me.
  5. Selling off the kit. I bought it from japan parts in june. No time to look into installing it. Selling off my ride(thinking of getting a new one), so no use for the kit. Looking at $220 K
  6. My aircon went awry again. The car needs to move for it to be cold. At night, super cold. I did an aircon recycle and was told that my coils got lobangs. Told me it would hit me more than $1k for repairs. Wow! Can that be true? # months ago, this fella at Tampines told me that its my compressor, about $600. I am confused. Any Bros out there can help?
  7. My Crimestopper 2-way alarm remote(I think its one of the sp300 type) gave me a big problem. It kept switching off on its own. While trying to replace the batter, the +ve connecter came off. I had to do alittle bit of magic twiddling the piece so that the batteries got connected so that I could disengage my alarm. Anyone knows where I could get a replacement fast. At my the usual ubi shop I always go to, its a one or two week wait. Cannot afford to go without alarm as I frequent JB quite often. Thanks...
  8. Faced the same issue with my previous Imprezza... There is this rubber stopper of sorts which was out. I somehow found a hole that the stopper could fit and no more water...
  9. Anyone knows the size of our Exiga front speakers. Thinking of changing the set... right side no sound and confirm speaker problem. Had to do a bit of tweaking to get sounds out of it. After a while, wires go wild so no sound. I like DIY so thinking of getting oe and doing it up over the weekend.
  10. Can imagine! My sch's web portal went off because the service provider did a bad job in maintaining their end! Had to redo like everything! Juz hv to live with it!
  11. Say what has happened to the the exiga club? I got directed to the ipbfree site everytime I tried to access it.
  12. Yup, all the jailbreaking people in the net are holding back their release of the jailbreaking tools for 3.1.3... Very frustrating for idiots like me who "accidentally' updated firmware to 3.1.3. They indicated end-of-April release but I guess its after the 3.2 or 4.0 firmware is released. Jailbroken iphones, like my missus' 3g is more fun and exciting to use.
  13. I was using the above on my Imprezza w no problems. Now I cannot seem to get it working on my Exiga. Anyone has any experience on this. The set is with firmware 3.17 - the latest. Thanks
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