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  1. For change of timing belt set(timing belt, tensioner, waterpump), its best recommended to go to pro subaru workshops mentioned in this forum to do. For mine is due to my mileage is around 80,000km(when I bot my ride its 80k liaoz, I jus delay by 3000km like that) liaoz thats why i change. Can be push till 100,000km but I belong to the kia see category as you can see what I did for my 1st servicing.
  2. Err.. just to clarify.. that immediate servicing is subjective.. prob the word "immediate" is notthe correct word to use.. what i meant is what i do after getting my ride.. its up to individual preference for servicing,, Hope this clears up about the servicing part.
  3. subtag. i seldom active but will join in chat sometimes lol
  4. http://www.subaruclubsg.com/topic/81824-whatsapp-group-for-scs-members-those-keen-please-come-in-and-show-support/page-2 post a reply there wait for the admin to add.
  5. I am also thinking of ways too without wasting my precious $$ on useless mods. (my prev cs3 was an exp of all these bullshits lol). I am thinking and thinking for this past half year on ow to increase the power, so far i just use good engine oil and k&n drop in and the pivot TC. Some lao jiao scoobies recommend installing turbo, hmm sounds illegal to me lol. haven go research and discuss with the exp scoobies. Still holding back on the piggyback.(abit ex, not sure worth the $$ anot.). Alas if you manage to find ways worth the $$ to mod our na ride let me know.
  6. hi Wyven, this forum watsapp grp
  7. roger that~ lol with my current na ride gear ratio i am driving more safer than with my prev cs3. Join the whatsapp group you can get more knowledge on this as the members there are quite pro with all these issues.
  8. hmm I will not try to test my na ride limit at this speed. recommendation from fellow scoobies will be to change to turbo ride to try at this speed which i think i will change my na to turbo if i need to go at this speed. Dun feel confident and comfortable to test the limit of NA ride. For our sg driving environment, I would like to see the impact on pickup, cutting lanes and overtaking and mayb improved fc with my current na ride if install the unichip. My 2 cents of view. My suggestion on this issue will be to upgrade to a turbo ride, that will be the best. No point installing unichip for this purpose not worth the $$
  9. So far nvr heard from the 1.5r fellows with unichip on this issue yet , they onli saw the gain thru dyno test. is yours a na or turbo?
  10. Apologies not guru but a 7 month Sedan 1.5r auto owner here. My research and checking with fellow subaru owners so far is either install turbo or piggyback. other than that i guess its to change to a more powerful ride as most ppl told me to save the $$. Change to 16" or 17" if you want better handlin, not keen so far to increase mine as i got budget and abit concern on the fc at this moment. For me so far i only add on pivot tc(subjective as I am not use to heavy foot on the pedal) and change to K&N drop in.
  11. prob too late on this issue discussed , just a sharing. my friend whose on a civic had this issue every morning he starts the engine until recently he cant even steer to 90 degrees and got stuck till the engine warms up a while before he can move out the car park. diagnose was steering pump oil leakage. replaced and was fine.
  12. bro. I just "upgraded" (not sure if its upgrade as my prev ride is lancer CS3) to this ride 4D 1.5R last Xmas till now other than wear and tear parts nothing major or common came up so far prob have to monitor. ECU for me so far never lit up, my ride is about 5 years old now. Tasks i did so far on this ride, Immediate servicing includes changes of the below. Engine oil Air Filter Aircon filter ATF Brake pads Shock Absorbers(Front and Back) Spark Plugs TerraClean (optional as its personal preference) Next task or rather burning my wallet will be as follows Timing Belt Kit Coolant Brake Fluid Air Con Compressor as after diagnose was told that it can only last a year. Lastly my rims & tyres These are all so far i can think of to "transform" this ride to tip condition if any bros got suggestions pls feel free to comment
  13. Servicing (servicing oil & oil filter buy from Source & Stockist respectively) Motul Engine oil - $128 Oil Filter - $10 Labour - $30 Insurance(NTUC) for me @ the point of time was $1900 after 20% @ 30 yrs old, single and 3.5 yrs of license period. I would recommend that if can try to buy the parts from stockist and go workshop do & pay for the labour cost.
  14. Sending to a workshop is a must either pro subaru or your trusted workshop if you know one. Check all wear & tear parts and negotiate for discounts. I just bought this car(change car as old car is due.) on 24 dec last yr. My lower arm bushings and back absorbers are due to change. Anyway prob I kiasee , I bought all servicing items to go for servicing in a weeks time after i bought this ride. (Filters, servicing oil , gearbox oil, break oil, coolant, spark plugs, brake pads, etc..) Now pending to timing belt kit as my car is already 80k mileage. Changing this easily chalks up to 1K. Overall a good ride although I was scolding *@#$% in the first few days due to the power(1st time driving 4 speed AWD, lol) After a month so far, i am slowly appreciating this ride on stability, handling and the 4 speed gear.