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  1. Haha ya can't wait for it. But I guess there will be some delays for the first batch of impreza sedan. From what I heard from my SE the other day, the collections is pushed to early April instead of March. Not sure about the rest though. Perhaps the hatchback impreza will be on the road first.
  2. The impreza 2017 is not on the road yet. Understand from the agent, it should be out somewhere in mid March. So I guess we could only wait for the first batch to be out, in order to comment more. As for the fuel consumption, I have doubt on it. I mean how can be so low?
  3. Hi I believe there is no discussion yet. Any new impreza buyer who bought their cars?
  4. Hi impresa I can't really remember how much exactly. Should be ard $250 to $350 I guess. I did other repairs as well during that time which total up to $500. But should be there and once fix. It's finally quiet and smooth drive again.
  5. Hey guys I suppose some of you might have already heard of this rs tuning chip. Anyone tried it or heard reviews of it? Might giving some feedbacks? Any idea if it will help on 1.6A ts
  6. Very nicely done. Look likes a fierce demon waiting to hunt on it's prey.
  7. Hi Bros would like to buy used Supersprint Exhaust with cert for Hawkeye Impreza 1.6A (without swap) and also anyone who know how much it cost to fix it up onto hawkeye 1.6 and the cost to change the name to mine? please do pm me the price or leave a message here many thanks. regards, Xartz
  8. Bro u hv any pic of the hks exhaust? Can fit hawkeye impreza 1.6?
  9. Yes the sounds went off after changing. Thx thx
  10. Thanks guys for all the prompt revert. Just sent to BMS to change the power steering hose and o ring. At the same time re con the coil starter. Hopefully after all these repairs, the car will be fine and good.
  11. Thanks bro....Alr brought to BMS to change the hose and o ring.
  12. They changed the spark plugs, gaskets due to oil leak and motor fan. But they can't really confirm why there is a change of sounds. They suspect it's the big hose pipe that is connected to the engine whereby there could be a leak.
  13. The sounds is still there even after on and off. When accelerating, it will goes softer a bit but when I release the pedal. It will give off a dying air sounds.
  14. Hi guys, just my subaru impreza 1 mth ago. However, after I did my full servicing at my regular workshop. Whenever I start up my car, the engine area will give out some weird noise that's very loud. Like air is flowing into the engine. Went to a few workshop, some mentioned that it might be the big hose wear and tear or alternator. Anyone counter this problem ? Please help to advise a newbie who is new to subaru. Many thanks
  15. Hi can I have bro GeeSport contacts? Thinking of changing as well. Thanks