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  1. Attached is an image from a search for your part number at IMPEX Japan -- https://en.impex-jp.com/parts/new/search.html?partNo=JW22611AP120+. They don't have the part, but go on to say that you can contact them for a possible quote. Best wishes.
  2. Some vendors on Taobao have right hand drive versions of the mats they sell -- but you will need to enquire with them to confirm. Alternatively, coil mats can be cut as per requirements, eg. by Cypress Matting Pte Ltd -- you might want to give them a call.
  3. This is Lesun's Facebook page -- https://www.facebook.com/lesunauto/
  4. This is API Racing -- http://www.api-racing.com.sg/. They might be able to overhaul your coilovers or help you in some other way. Just for your info.
  5. If your shock absorbers are indeed really the cause of your problem -- and comfort is your priority -- why not consider stock Subaru shock absorbers?
  6. Paul, I don't know if you are still having this problem, It sounds like a problem I had -- the nuts anchoring the rear seats to the chassis were not properly tightened. I accessed these nuts from the trunk side, just underneath the rear seat backrests.
  7. True, you can get some coilovers for the price. Coilovers may be an upgrade or downgrade over Subaru OEM, depending on one's needs and the brand/model of coilovers.
  8. Derick, The 4 shock absorbers and 4 springs were ordered through local company Lesun Auto Parts Pte Ltd for $1819.54. (The inverted front struts cost more than the usual non-inverted ones.) The existing strut mounts, top-hats, rear bump stops, dust covers and bolts/nuts/washers were re-used as they had only done about 4000km.
  9. Many thanks to all of you for your attention. The items have been kindly collected by a friend on this forum and, as such, are no longer available.
  10. I have no idea. But, WRX S4 2.0GT-S model in Japan (not 2.0GT) uses Bilsteins. Also, Racecomp Engineering recently released their Bilsteins for the WRX -- as I understand it their valving is different from the stock Bilsteins.
  11. I am using the springs and shock absorbers that are found on the premium and limited versions of the WRX in the USA. According to posts by the USA company Racecomp Engineering in NASIOC, the springs are about the same in rate as those of the 2014 manufactured cars, but the shock absorbers are 'softer'. Also, the front struts are inverted in design. I have enclosed the shock absorber dynos that I've saved from that thread. The original VA WRX shock absorbers had strong damping and rebound control, and were comparable to the STI; the later premium and limited shock absorbers had lower damping and rebound control. Doc1.docx
  12. Yes, Pokey. In any case, I have no further use for these struts, shock absorbers and springs and would like to pass them on to someone who might find them useful, free of charge.
  13. Hello friends. I have a WRX (VA - current model) that was manufactured quite early on in September 2014. I found the suspension rather too stiff for a day to day car. On the other hand, it cornered with great agility with hardly any body roll -- perhaps good for those who might track the car occasionally. I have since removed the struts, shock absorbers and springs, and wonder if any of you would like to have them. They have seen about 4000km of usage, and are without top hats, strut mounts and also the rear bump stops as I have re-used these on my replacement suspension. If anyone is interested, please pm me. I am not completely certain, but I believe their part numbers are as follows:-- Front struts (L/R) -- 20310VA070/20310VA060 2x Front springs -- 20330VA030 2x Rear shock absorbers -- 20365VA030 2x Rear springs --20380VA000
  14. Longdi, you must be very handy to do all these modifications yourself. Just a few questions about OEM Audio plus: -- did you buy it shipped from the USA or is there a local dealer? -- is there a 'pop' or similar sound when the its amplifier turns on? -- does it make the car's warning 'beep' sounds and bluetooth very loud? Thanks in advance.
  15. Do any of you friends know a good tuner who has experience with this FA20DIT engine and can tune it safely for some modest gains in torque and power? Nothing excessive, perhaps something like the JDM Forester 2.0XT. Both the JDM Forester 2.0XT and WRX have more torque and power than our local versions.