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  1. Hi bro I know someone selling jdm 2.0 engine from cockeye.. But forge anot don't know. Let me know if you keen
  2. Hi subie bros, looking to buy Trust exhaust for cockeye/Hawkeye with LTA cert. Open to swap my fuji catback too. If swap willing to pay for your labour. Kindly whatsapp me at 9879 0412. Cheers!
  3. Hi fello scoobies, looking for MYo5 cockeye/blobeye fog lamp cover and front bumper splitter. better if have in red or kindly recommend me any workshop that sells and install it. Kindly contact me at 98790412. thanks a million!
  4. hi bros, fren letting go Remus dual tip for 1.6TS with cert @ $450. Already dekitted. Kindly whatsapp me 98790412 if u need pictures.
  5. hi bros, as mention above: wtb Supersprint single tip exos (with cert), prefer the silver muffler. kindly pm me or contact me at 98790412. cheers!
  6. hi bros, im looking for these 2 items : 1) 4/2pot with handbrank mechanism 2) Meter hold kindly PM or contact me at 9879 0412 if u have the above items for sales! thanks in advance!
  7. hi bee, thanks for the reminded. yes ive modded a couple of my previous rides before n understand how does the flow works, might affect low end /high end etc wif decat n extractors all. previously at LMC we have this common saying : " headers too big and backpressure too small aka eat alot but cannot shit out get constipation, headers too small, exos too big aka eat too little shit nothing out" lol. cheers!
  8. hi all bros, any of u guys on supersprint single tip exos with/without clark extrator? how is the sound like? am keen to hear it b4 i commit. thanks in advance bros! *attach any pics u have of the exos too for referrences.
  9. hi bros, any lobangs for modding subaru 1.6 rear drum brakes to disc brakes? and how rouighly how much $$$ to expect. thanks in advance!
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