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  1. Hi, My Impreza 1.5 is making the attached sound (hear around 5-6s point) when i decelerate and i accelerate again. Anyone can advice what could be e sound? Voice 001-1.m4a
  2. Like to check what is this part (4 blue dots) call. This part is behind wheel.
  3. After parking for hours and drive off, I will get a spring (boing) sound coming near e accelerator panel. (Attached is e recording). Anyone have experience this issue? I'm driving an impreza 1.5 sedan 3rd gen Voice 004-1.m4a.mp3
  4. Hi, My aircon compressor have the same sound as this. any idea is it clutch issue?
  5. Hi anyone have this problem. When raditor fan turn on, you can see your headlight dimmed a bit then back to normal. Subaru Impreza 1.5R sedan
  6. Hi, Sometimes when I step the accelerator, it just maintain speed ref did not go up until you step a bit more before it will pickup speed ref went up. This seems to happen when the raditor fan turns on. Is this normal
  7. Hi ytd when I was stuck in traffic jam, I step my gas paddle and let go and step again, my rpm Meter drop to near 0 and bounced back to normal. While dropping to zero, I only saw the AT Temp light flashes once and no more. This have occurred twice. Anyone can advice what could be wrong? Send in to MI clean throttle body and airflow sensor twice and still having same problem
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