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  1. I use have a sticker printing machine at home and I do my own sideline business as well.. you can check our *Deleted* All stickers are done on oracal sticker sheet and masked over with transparent sticker to make the logo stick to windows. I have done for a lot of clubs but so far this club has no respond.. So I thought no one will be interested doing this.
  2. This is just the window side. If car decal haven't really got the time to venture. But here is a work that I did for my subaru
  3. Good Afternoon, I have attached a picture of a subaru club decal that I have made yesterday. I have messaged the admin on Facebook however there were no replies. So I'm just trying my luck here as well. I do my own sticker prints ( yes in my own home for leisure ) an I thought it would be great to do one but this will be based on the number of people interested. Just comment below and we will see how it goes. p/s: I just bought a 2nd hand Subaru last week as well. So hope it clears the air that Im not spamming and going to all car forums to make money out of it
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