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  1. Could be leaking from other places aside from headgasket. If there is a burnt oil smell, it's likely leaking from a place onto a hot surface (Extractors?) hence the burning smell. Perhaps it's leaking from turbo? Best to get pro subie workshop to have a look. You can try BMS, BKS, Foo Bros.. Good luck.
  2. forester

    If the coolant is leaking out that quickly, it's likely you have a pretty big leak somewhere. Best to have your workshop check it out. Before driving, you might want to make sure there is sufficient coolant. If the leak is bad enough that insufficient coolant is retained to cool the engine, you might want to get the car towed to your workshop instead.
  3. Am I the only who thought that the decals are the wrong way around? Meaning the sticky side should be the side that you read, so you stick it on the inside of your car window so it can be read from the outside. These decals have the sticky side on the back, meaning that you stick it on the inside of your car window, but they face the inside of the car. People outside won't be able to read it the right way. Hope I'm making sense.
  4. Bro, see the link below. Might just be what is causing the sounds. Excerpt of the post: "So I figured out the cause of my left HSD coils popping/clunking sound. The top plate is not turning along when the wheel turns. This cause's the rubbing of the spring onto the thin plate (LIKE A WASHER OR SOME SORT) in between the spring and the top plate. While the right side top plate turn along with the wheel when turning..The top plates are suppose to turn smoothly when the wheel turns. Any solutions to help me fix this would be really appreciated." The link below although not for subaru, gives a general idea of where to look to resolve noise issues with coilovers Hope that helps.
  5. i don't think it should be making noise at all since it's so new. It only makes noise when you turn? How about when you go over bumps? Should go back to the workshop where you had them installed for them to check. It might be faulty. So far the BC BRs have been great. I opted for the model with rubber mounts instead of camber plates which use pillow ball mounts which are more likely to make noise. When they were first installed, I too had a weird noise from the rear left coilover, after investigation by the workshop, they found that the rear left rubber mount was defective(from the factory!) so they replaced it with a new one. No problems after that. From what I read, coilovers all make noise, just a matter of how long before they start lol. Hope that helps.
  6. I went with BC BRs instead. So far so good. Pretty comfy for coilovers but still can't compare with stock comfort. can't have everything I guess.
  7. Thanks Chua27!
  8. Hi will we get any kind of confirmation after registering for the decal? Used this to register but didn't get any confirmation after. Thanks.
  9. Hi Bro, If you intend to increase boost levels beyond stock, do note that it's recommended to get a tune done as your fueling and AFR will need to be adjusted to match the new boost level. Not too sure what the max safe boost level is for S-GT. I'm driving an autorex hawkeye with boost tuned for 1.3bar. Stock is 1 bar I think?
  10. Hahahaha good one!
  11. Yea thought there was supposed to be s meetup arranged after the site rejuvenation but haven't heard anything.
  12. Sold! Mods please delete thread. Thanks!
  13. BKS Admiralty
  14. Yup better get your tune checked with your tuner or one of the pro scubie shops. Assuming you're decatted as well as i believe with the cat in place, you won't get back/after fire