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  1. It should be urban grey, not exactly silver and not gunmetal grey.....somehwere in between. Its an original paint colour. Messaage me at the number listed in the first post.
  2. Yes i have the handbrake mechanisms required. Pls PM to discus in more detail
  3. Scraping my Hawkeye wrx and breaking it up for parts. - Wrx 4/2 brakes include braided hoses and rotors $500 - HID headlight a pair $200 - Tailight a pair $150 - wrx front and rear grey/black seats (no tears or excessive wear) $450 - Bonnet $300 - Fuji exhaust no cert $300 - 17 wheels and tires no curb rash $400 - Rear bumper good condition no cracks $100 - API RA coilovers still working fine no knocks just squeaks $300 All other MISC parts available just message to ask for availability and price. 90036738
  4. Just fyi, go search to see how much a wrx of your same year can fetch in australia.
  5. Aiyo.....So sad......
  6. Any other circuits nearer to Johor besides Malacca and Sepang?
  7. Pls check always on ebay to get an estimate of the prices. Subaru parts should not be too far off from what is shown on the internet. TS was probably looking for this part. Even with shipping its cheap as chips =>
  8. There is a hobby shop called Jet Hobby address below go check it out. They have many types of CA which is basically superglue. They sell varying viscosities and also an accelerator which makes it cure faster. They sell some craft tools like clamps as well I believe. Go check it out. Hope it helps you. 33 Ubi Ave 3, #01-10/11 Vertex, Singapore 408868 Tel: 65 - 6223 8933 10:30am - 7:00pm (Mon-Fri) 10:30am - 6:00pm (Sat) Public Holidays & Sunday closed
  9. Clean up the surface with rubbing alcohol and apply CA or cyno acrylate or super glue. The thin viscosity of the CA will wick into all the gaps to prevent further splitting of the carbon fiber bonnet. You can apply some clamps just to hold the bottom and top half together to make it cure tightly. This should be the cheapest fix.
  10. Bro can share the workshop that you replaced your clutch? If not convenient just PM me. Cheers
  11. Check your drive shafts they could be worn causing the knocking or clicking sound. Check if the drive shaft boots are torn and whether traces of drive shaft grease can be seen on the undercarriage or the wheel arch or even sometimes on the inside of the wheel.
  12. I think he meant the Petron brand
  13. This last time Malaysia mention they are going to implement this VEP, so many people actually went to register.....I dont want to say they are dumb......but seriously they provided their particulars, home address, phone number, car details....etc.......why are people so compliant and easily manipulated?
  14. you could try checking your belt tension to see if the belt is effectively turning your alternator. See if its causing this intermittent problem.
  15. Check your alternator if its working. Get a voltmeter and test the voltage at the battery points while your car is running it should be charging anywhere above 13.5V to 14.+ volts. If not then perhaps the alternator is not charging up your battery as you drive, causing your new batt to go dead after a few weeks.