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  1. I m lookin for any front bumper or body kit that can fit onto impreza hawkeye 2006 ts. Would prefer used item,car left about a year so dun wish to spent too much on it. If you have do contact mi at 84249244 Ben.
  2. Hi I m lookin for '06 impreza TS front bumper or any other model, as long it can fit onto '06 impreza TS...Anyone whose TS or others that is going to scrap soon..hopefully can swop with me. Labour on me and i can top up abit if price is reasonable. Thank you.
  3. Original Sti muffler for sale. $200 (slight nego.) Deliver to your doorstep. Sms/watsapp @ 8424 9244
  4. Hi bro is ur coilover stil available? Wats the condition? Can fit 06 TS? I m interested..
  5. Hi bro how much u selling ur tein coilover?
  6. hi any recommendation to check or repair coilover and not very xpensive? My have tis sneaking and knocking sound. I dunno if its the arm bush or the coilover..
  7. Stock steering wheel - $70 4-2-1 extractor - $100 Left & right front grill - $80 Aircon compressor (*front plate spoil) - $50 Midpipe bullet - $50 (*need to weld to your midpipe) 225/42/17 rims w tires (*3pcs 20%,1pc 70%) plus swop with yours - $300,labour you pay. (*1 with kerb crash)Accept slight nego. Except rims & tires, all items can be delivered to your doorsteps. Swop at geylang lor 11 mon - fri 11am-5pm. Sms : 84249244 Tks
  8. lookin for budget n working well condition coilover for my ride '06 TS and passenger side lower arm bush. Pls sms to 8424 9244 tks.
  9. Hi all, I'm new here,any gathering do keep me update...tks..
  10. Hi all, I'm new here. 请多多指教..
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